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The Messy Task of Refinishing Your Nature Wood Floors

Refinishing your wood flooring is a great way to transform your space. Refinished floors done cleanly are rewarding and give your home a complete makeover. There are various wood flooring options, so the first step involved is determining the type of wood floor in your home or whatever space you wish to refinish. 

This is relatively easy to identify by professional floor refinishers. However, many wood masquerades are hardwood but sometimes entirely made of other materials. So the type of floor wood you intend to refinish determines the technique that should be used. This guide walks you through the basic processes involved. 

How to Refinish Your Wood Floors?

Refinishing wood flooring involves removing the surface finish of the wood and digging past surface scratches, stains, and any other imperfections that might exist for a new surface. However this may seem simple, but many processes are involved. Here are the steps and processes involved in refinishing a wooden floor.

1. Patch and Repair

Preparing the room is the first step in patching and repairing. With the help of wood patch filler and a shackle knife, look for large holes and cracks on the floor and fill them up with the wood filler. Trowel filler is a better option for a heavily damaged floor, as it spreads and covers large areas.

2. Sand the Floor

The next process involves the use of a drum sander. A floor sander can be very hard to control, especially with little to no experience using one. Therefore, it is always advisable to let professional floor refinishers handle wood floor refinishing projects. In addition, a 40-60-grit sanding belt should be used on an upright drum sander to sand the floor to create new surface flooring.

3. Clean the Floor and Stain the Wood

After sanding, it is important to vacuum or sweep the floor thoroughly before the next process. Buffing the floor gives it a smooth finish after using the floor sander. Once the floor has been wiped clean, you can stain the wood, although this is optional. Stain emits harmful vapors, so ensure the room is well-ventilated and a respiratory mask is used. 

4. Seal the Floor

Once the stain has dried, the last and final step is sealing the floor. Sealing the floor protects it from scratches, water damage, and dings. This also brings out the wood's beauty and adds shine and luster to its appearance.

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Why Should You Call a Professional?

Refinished floors done cleanly give the room a new look without the trouble of installing brand-new flooring. Performing these tasks yourself may seem cost-effective; however, refining wood floors is so delicate that even the slightest mistake can damage the flooring, which would cost more to repair.

Additionally, handling specific tools required for refinishing wood flooring can be very challenging without the necessary knowledge. Therefore, this task is best left to professional floor refinishers like Nature Wood Floors, who have the required skills and expertise. Reviews from our customers speak volumes about our services, so contact us today!

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