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Advantages Of Maple Wood Flooring - Nature Wood Floors

Maple hardwood floors are widely used flooring among many homeowners. Regardless of its popularity, many homeowners still wonder why it is the best choice to choose maple flooring.

There are various answers that could easily fit this question because of the benefits maple flooring offers. Whether you are redesigning your home or deciding on a new one, hardwood maple flooring adds to the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

However, if you are one of those people who wonder why maple flooring by Nature Wood Floors is one of the best choices, then this article helps you understand all those reasons. It tells various features that could change your whole perspective regarding maple hardwood floorboards.


Advantages of Maple Wood Flooring

Whether maple hardwood is the right choice or not. If you are still stuck on that question. Then, we guess the advantages of maple wood flooring listed below help you understand better why investing in maple hardwood floorboards is the right choice.


  • Durability and Hardness

  • Maple hardwood floors have a high hardness rating, according to Janka. Janka is a measuring test for measuring the hardness of wood. And maple hardwoods have a 1450 rating which is quite good. This hardness shows how much resistance it has to withstand regulation and wear.

    The hardest Janka rating of maple hardwood is about 1450, and soft maple has a Janka rating of 950. There are also a few variations available depending on the type of maple you are using.

    Moreover, this high rating of hardness also depicts that maple hardwood flooring is durable and lasts longer. Therefore, they are highly recommended for places in the home where there is high traffic, like the living room and kitchen.


  • Color

  • The basic color of maple hardwood is light. But it also varies from pure white to dark shades. Light color maple flooring gives your room an extensive look. White maple flooring gives your room a warmer and traditional look. 

    Maple hardwood does not always come in the same colors. The color of hardwood also depends upon the specific part of the tree from where it comes. The hardwood comes from the tree’s sapwood or outer trunk and often has a light color. It is usually a creamy or yellowish-tan color.


  • Price of Maple Wood Flooring 

  • The price of maple flooring is also needed to consider before choosing it. Therefore, you would be happy to know that maple flooring doesn’t cost as much as other hardwood floors. 

    Generally, an unstained maple floorboard only costs $6 to $8 per foot. At the same time, the stained maple flooring per square foot costs only $& to $14 depending upon the quality. These costs also included in the installation costs.

    These prices above vary depending upon the various types of maple flooring. It comes in solid, laminated, and engineer forms. Thus, the cost varies with each type.


  • All Natural Wood Flooring has Great Appearance

  • There are very few hardwoods that can beat the beauty of maple hardwood flooring. One of the best things about maple benefits is that it comes in a variety of colors, such as red, brown, beige, or even chromatic gray. This makes it easy to use with any color theme. Moreover, dark colors are also achievable through dye or stain.

    Maple flooring comes with minimal grains, which ensures a clean and smooth appearance of the floor. Moreover, maple hardwood floors give you a perfect look at European charms.


  • Superb Hardness

  • Maple is one of the hardest and most sturdy flooring materials. On the hardness scale of Janka, maple hardwood has the highest score than Red Oak. These scores clearly describe the hardness and durability of the maple wood floor. 

    Maple hardwood is not only the best option for the home but also for areas with public traffic, like gymnasiums and bowling alleys. Using a high-quality polyurethane finish over the maple hardwood floor, its durability increases and makes it perfect for withstanding the pressure of foot traffic.



    Maple wood is common and widely available in Canada and North America. Its easy availability makes it an affordable option among other floorings. There are various grades and types of natural maple floorings available. Therefore, choosing the right option which suits your budget and needs is not a difficult option.

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