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Here at Nature Woods Floors, we offer a large variety of hardwood flooring options at competitive prices. To help set us apart from other companies, is our commitment toward helping customers have a better education and understanding of the products they are buying. Browse through our website to see the different advantages of each item to help you decide which will be the best fit for your home.


Having trouble deciding which flooring option to go with? Let Nature Wood Floors and our team of experts give you some recommendations with our featured products. Here you’ll find our most popular products with our customers as well as our own personal favorites. This is also where we’ll list our newest materials so you can stay on top of the latest trends and most modern flooring options available. 


We’re not going to lie. There are a lot of flooring companies out there, but there are far more reasons why you should do business with Nature Wood Floors over them. Some of which include:


Our inventory selection is enormous. If you don’t like one flooring option, there’s plenty more to choose from. Even if you do end up loving a particular type, chances are we have different styles and colors in that exact floor for you to choose from. With these kinds of options, you can really customize your home and you won’t have to compromise on what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for stair parts, unfinished hardwood, prefinished hardwood, popular brands of hardwood, or vinyl & laminate flooring materials, we have it all.


A factory authorized dealer is the company who is certified and contracted by the manufacturer to sell their goods. Becoming factory authorized is not as easy as it sounds though. Most manufacturers will only allow so many vendors to be authorized at a time. This means only the best dealers can get this prestigious authorization and we’re one of them.


Wholesale price is the price distributors pay the manufacturer for items in bulk. Generally speaking, distributors then mark up the prices when they sell these items to the public. This is called the retail price. At Nature Wood Floors we’re happy to say we don’t think you should have to pay an arm and a leg for something that doesn’t cost anywhere near that price. That’s where our wholesale pricing comes in.


Even if you already have your heart set on what you want, it never hurts to look at your options. A lot of times you might even find something you like better that’s a lot cheaper. If on the other hand, you have no idea what you’d like, you have countless options to peruse through. With so many options, no matter who you are, you’re bound to find something. To make your search easier, each type of material we sell is broken up into helpful sections so you can easily narrow down your search and find the perfect flooring option




Solid wood flooring is manufactured to be ¾ inches thick and is a solid piece. Engineered wood flooring is often ¾ inches as well, but is not solid as it is real pieces of wood that are often stacked upon each other. Both can be refinished. Generally speaking, solid wood is better installed above grade, while engineered is better for below grade where you need more stability.

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This is the scale that the hardness of wood is measured on. It is a variation of the Brinell hardness test and measures the force required to push a steel ball with a diameter of 11.28 millimeters (0.444 inches) into the wood to a depth of half the ball’s diameter.

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In order to properly protect your floors, you need to be familiar with the humidity levels of your home so you can pick the right wood, know the acclimation so you can pick a wood that will match with where you’re installing it and understand how the different seasons will affect your floors. Every home and environment is different so it pays to do your homework.

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We have four types of finish to coat your floors with: Urethane Finish, Aluminum Oxide Finish, Oil Finish, and Lacquered Finish. Because not all boards of wood are cut exactly the same, bevels need to be cut into the wood so there aren’t any height differences and the floor stays smooth. The three types of profiles are Square Edge, Full Bevel, and Micro Bevel.

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Since hardwood is natural and not manufactured it may differ from what you see in pictures before installation. Things to consider are that there can be changes in the color, natural movement, boards will not all look the same as not all trees look the same, and boards will produce natural waste when installing. You should expect up to at least 5% in milling defects for any boards you purchase.

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Measuring a room may seem difficult, especially when it is oddly shaped. One technique that can help is to break up a room into smaller rectangles in order to figure out how much flooring you will need. We recommend ordering at least 10% more than what you think you need to be safe. When it comes to installation The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is the best place to consult when looking for advice on how to install by yourself or for where to look to hire an installer.

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The grading of the wood was created to help you determine what it will look like and to maintain consistency. The cut of said wood will determine its mechanical properties. It is typically cut in three different ways which include quarter sawn, rift sawn or plain sawn.

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Many people think that once their floor is installed, that’s it. This is only true if you don’t plan on your floors lasting very long. To keep your floors healthy and looking fresh you need to do weekly dusting or sweeping and monthly vacuuming and mopping. It’s important to form a routine so that your floors aren’t just left to the elements. Hardwood floors are a big investment and they should be taken care of as such.

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We’ve been working in this business for some time now and we’d like to share all that we’ve learned with you. With a steady flow of excellently written blogs, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest trends and tips when it comes to floors. Whether it be on proper maintenance or figuring out what floor will best suit you, our articles will cover a wide range of quality content you won’t want to miss. We have all kinds of great content planned so make sure to check in frequently so you can stay on top when it comes to flooring.


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Amazing service. We went to a dozen stores in a couple of weeks and this was the first one I felt like they cared about what we wanted and with a great price! We will definitely go back! Highly recommended!

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I have worked with David for many years, he has an old school level of customer service, honesty and integrity and I do not say that lightly as I have been in the Construction Business for 40 Years. It is not only a rare quality to find in this Business but in general. No one will work harder for you. Congratulations I'm happy for you guys

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