Company Terms & Policies


We accept most major credit cards that include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and others. Personal Checks & Company Checks, Certified Checks, Money Orders and Electronic Check Deposit (wire transfers) are also acceptable. Any orders paid by a check must wait for it to clear the bank before material can be picked up, shipped, or start production.

Transaction Fees are subject to all payments provided from customers to Nature Wood Floors and vary in cost from 0.5% to 5% of the total transaction depending on the payment method. These fees are final from the bank or merchant company handling the transaction and will not be reversed from these companies. Because of this, all transaction fees are final and will be deducted from any approved refund/credit.

Shipping Policy

To better understand how shipping of your material works, go to our Shipping Policy page to view these details and guidelines.

Installation Policy

To better understand how Nature Wood Floors handles installations for our local customers, please go to our Installation Guidelines & Warranty Information pages to view these details. There you will also see information when handling the installation yourself or with a third party installer.


All of the content on this web site is the sole property of Nature Wood Floors. This property includes but is not limited to, text, photos, graphics, logos, images, icons software, etc., and is the sole and exclusive property of Nature Wood Floors or its suppliers. The content on this web site is protected by copyright laws. Any reproduction, transmission, display, republication, modification, or distribution of any of the content on this site is strictly prohibited. No portion of this site may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose.

Purchase Agreement

Any purchases on this web site can only be made after the customer has taken the time to read our Policies, Terms & Conditions. At the checkout screen, you will be able to read the policies, terms and conditions just before completing your order. If you don't agree to the terms and conditions, you will not be able to process your order. Any time a customer would like to view our policies, terms and conditions again, they are always available here on our website.

Content Accuracy

We do our very best to ensure that all of the data, content, information etc. listed on our site is accurate. For a large portion of this we rely solely on manufacturers, distributors, vendors and other third parties to supply us with this information. Nature Wood Floors is not responsible if this data should turn out to be inaccurate. This would include all sections of the site, product data/specifications, packaging information, articles, opinions, etc. Furthermore, Nature Wood Floors is not responsible for typographical errors. We reserve the right to change or update any data, information, content, etc. without prior notice. 

Any pictures shown, samples sent, or display boards shown are produced and provided by the manufacturer. Pictures can only show a small area of the product and are limited on how many character traits can be shown. Colors and tones can also vary because of lighting difference in the picture, monitor settings, etc. Samples and displays provided are typically pulled at random. These samples work well to help show a small area of the product, although these are unlikely to show all traits of the product itself. Because of this, samples and photos will not be able to show every color tone, variation percentage, natural trait, milling design, or other wood characteristics that the item may provide. It is common for customers to receive their order and have additional traits from what were seen in the sample pieces, display board, or photos provided. Manufacturers will not allow returns because of this, so it is important that the customer fully understands the wood species and grade they are choosing ahead of placing an order. For a better representation, it is recommended customers order a full carton/bundle ahead of ordering to being able to see a much larger area that is likely to show more of the wood traits.

Many wood species can be known by more than one name. For example, Brazilian Walnut is what we know it by in the US, but down in South America, it is known by the name Ipe. Same goes for Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), and many other species that we offer. These names can sometimes show up one way on the final invoice, and then the product box arrives with the other name written on the box. This is not a mix up in product, but instead, simply another term for how the product is called.

Other examples of wood species and known names: Tigerwood (Koa), American Walnut (Black Walnut), Brazilian Oak (Tauri), Acacia (Asian Walnut, Pacific Walnut, Exotic Walnut), European Oak (French Oak, French Cut, Live Sawn), African Mahogany (Sapele), and still many more.

Privacy Policy

Online purchasing is becoming very natural nowadays, but there will always still be a concern for the information you provide and what is being done with it. So to help you feel reassured about the information you provide us, we are taking every step possible to keep your personal information private.

Ensuring Your Protection

Nature Wood Floors uses the latest technology to protect your personal information, including a SSL or Secure Server Layer. This SSL encrypts your information to help make it impossible to hack.

Personal Information Provided

Nature Wood Floors does not sell or share customer information with other companies or agencies. Once you have provided us information to process your order, the only emails or notifications will be from our company only. Any information provided from the customer may be used by Nature Wood Floors for tracking pages viewed on our site and terms that you entered with the browser used to access our site. This helps us stay informed for how best to advertise products to you and future customers.

Policy Changes

Any changes to Nature Wood Floors policies will be updated and posted on this page and available to view.