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If you're looking for quality hardwood flooring, then Nature Wood Floors is the place for you. We are a family-based company in the United States with plenty of experience and expertise in the hardwood business. We offer wholesale wood flooring for the affordable prices you desire to make your home as comfortable and naturally beautiful as it can be. We understand that people take pride in their homes and in having worked on improving the quality themselves. Because of this, we offer a wide array of wood types, including high-quality unfinished hardwood. To learn more about our offers, please visit our Services Page today! 

The Woods We Offer

We offer several kinds of unfinished hardwood flooring to make your home into the vibrant, cozy place you want to live in, from hickory, maple, and ash to red oak, cherry, and walnut. The color of wood you use in your floor goes a long way to establishing the atmosphere of your house, and we want to offer you as many choices as we can to help you with this. Our sizes vary from one and a half inches to eight inches for every unfinished wood type that we sell. 

Why Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

You may be wondering what unfinished hardwood is and why you should buy it. If somebody is installing a finished hardwood, what that means is that this is wood that has already been sanded down and had a finish put on it before it arrives on site. Unfinished hardwood is the exact opposite; this is wood that has not been sanded down and will get refinished when it is installed in your home. Unfinished hardwood lets you put your personal finish on the wood that is going to set the tone of your interior. This individuality won't cause your floor to look mismatched, either. Once this wood has been sanded and finished, it will still look as uniform as any finished hardwood flooring. The most significant difference is that this will have your unique touch on it. 

Save Money By Buying Wholesale Wood Flooring

When you buy wholesale, it means that you are buying in bulk. When you purchase our wholesale wood flooring, you are saving a lot of money compared to purchasing individual units from a retailer. We know that your home means a lot to you, and we also know that interior projects and remodeling can get really expensive. Our goal is to help you navigate that process and to get you the lowest price on the best product. Please contact us today to find out more about our rates!

Contact Us

Nature Wood Floors is a family-based business ready to serve our customers throughout the United States. We offer exceptional quality and expertise when it comes to our unfinished hardwood flooring. To talk to us about our offers and prices, visit our Contact Page today, or call us at (813)-616-1600. We look forward to hearing from you!