Find The Best Laminate Flooring For Your Home

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Find The Best Laminate Flooring For Your Home

There’s nothing quite as impressive in a home remodel as a pristine, newly-laminated floor. If you’re looking to give your living room, dining room, or entryways that wow factor, we can help you find the best laminate flooring for your project. Here at Nature Wood Floors, we source homeowners around the country with the finest in laminate, vinyl, and wholesale wood flooring. Whatever the nature of your project, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve the look you want. 

The Best Laminate Flooring Is Both Economical And Elegant

Typically, homeowners choose laminate flooring because they envy the stunning look of natural hardwood without the hefty price tag. Besides being more affordable, laminate flooring is more durable than hardwood and can weather scratches, scrapes, and moisture more hardily. When it comes to daily maintenance, laminate flooring is more forgiving than wholesale wood flooring, which often requires particular oil treatments to clean properly. On all counts, laminate flooring is thereby a smarter choice for any large, high-traffic area in your home. 

Engineered Wood Vs. Plastic Laminate

Once you’ve decided laminate flooring is the right choice for you, you will need to ascertain which type of laminate will work better for your needs. The first type, engineered wood, consists primarily of several dense layers of plywood, fiberboard, or unfinished hardwood, topped with a thin veneer of natural hardwood. By retaining a top layer of hardwood, engineered wood achieves a semblance of authenticity while capitalizing on cheaper, manmade materials. Plastic laminate flooring is multi-layered with fiberboard and synthetics; the first of these layers serves as a backer to repel moisture, the fiberboard layer provides the core, weight-bearing substance to your flooring, while the top layer both seals the floor and resembles the design you have chosen, whether that be wood flooring, stone, marble or other materials. 

Other Aspects To Consider When Choosing Flooring

Depending on the nature of your project, you should consider a few more aspects of your laminate flooring materials before purchasing them. Residential flooring projects require laminate flooring labeled “direct pressure.” This label indicates that the flooring comprises four layers, fused together: the stabilizer, the core, the decorative layer, and the top sealant. All laminate flooring resists wear and will stand up to those areas of your home that see the most traffic. However, flooring projects that require additional reinforcement – such as for commercial buildings – should utilize an even hardier line of laminate labeled “high pressure.” This variety incorporates a fifth layer of resin on craft paper to further protect from a sustained volume of wear and tear.  

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Your final detail to consider is where to find the best laminate flooring for your project. Whether you’re looking for engineered laminate or wholesale wood flooring, Nature Wood Floors has the perfect product for you. Our wide selection of beautiful, durable flooring ships throughout the United States and is guaranteed to impress not just you, but everyone who steps foot in your home. Contact us today