What Is The Best Wood Floors For Dogs?

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What Is The Best Wood Floors For Dogs?

If you are a pet owner looking for hardwood flooring for sale, here is a definitive guide to the best wood floors for dogs because we know how hard it is to maintain nice wood flooring with pets.

Nature Wood Floors is a family-owned and operated business located in Tampa that ships products throughout the United States. Our mission is to educate our clients so they can confidently choose the perfect wood floor for their home. That is why we are bringing you this guide to help you select the ideal flooring for the whole family!

Not The Best Wood Floors For Dogs

First, let us start with the flooring options pet guardians everywhere want to steer clear of. The short answer would be anything soft. Softwoods dent easily, even when kids and animals are not present. Some examples of wood to avoid include: 

  • Carbonized Bamboo
  • American Walnut
  • American Cherry
  • Fir, Pine, and Cedar

In terms of durability, hardwood is a stronger choice than engineered wood because:

  1. They can be sanded more than engineered wood. 
  2. Should any stains or deep scratches happen, you know you can always refinish the wood back to its original state. 

Selecting Hardwood Flooring For Sale For Dogs

If softwoods are to be avoided, it stands to reason that harder woods are better. Hardwoods are measured using the Janka Hardness Scale where, generally speaking, the higher the number, the harder the wood. Hickory is 1820 on the hardness scale and typically a good choice for pet owners. 

But wait, did I mention that hardness does not tell the whole story? Strong graining can make a wood an excellent candidate for pet owners, even when the wood itself is not particularly high on the Janka Hardness Scale. 

Red Oak is an example of this paradox, as it has a strong grain but is 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale. It is still considered a better choice than, say, Brazilian Cherry (2350) or even Brazilian Walnut (3684) because the strong graining of Red Oak conceals scratches and dents much better than the other two. 

Satin or matte finishes and lighter-colored woods are also more forgiving when it comes to scratches and imperfections. Distressed hardwoods are particularly good at concealing imperfections, although it is a highly stylized look that people tend to have strong opinions about. Whatever your tastes, the distressed look is just one more option you can consider when you are searching for the perfect new floors for your home. 

For Best Results, Do Not Wear Shoes Inside

Often, our shoes are the number one reason our floors end up scratched and worn. The kind of shoe worn is less of a problem than what our shoes track onto the floors in the first place. Dirt, pebbles, and sticks can end up wreaking havoc on floors. The best thing to do is to remove outside shoes as soon as you return home. 

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