Things You Should Know About Classic Hardwood Floors

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Things You Should Know About Classic Hardwood Floors

When the time comes to lay your floor, you want to do it with the best material. A floor is not something you can tear up anyhow. So you want to choose carefully. The ultimate choice would be a product that gives your home style, durability, and practicality. 

Classic hardwood floors in Florida do all that and many more. Hardwood floors are made from a variety of hardwood trees. They also come in a range of sizes, finishes, and colors. Check out Nature Wood Floors to get an idea of what you can use in your home.

Types of Classic Hardwood Floors Florida

A hardwood floor is known as classic if it is made of the highest grade materials available. It is picked from a well-developed and matured hardwood tree, free of knots and sap.

Hardwood floors come solid or engineered. Solid hardwood floors are the real thing. Engineered hardwood floors are compacted layers of wood, resin, and polymers and topped off with natural wood. 

The floors differ in their pricing too. Solid hardwood floors cost an average of $ 5 per square foot, while engineered hardwood floors cost less. However, the thicker the slab of hardwood on top, the higher the wood costs.

The elegance of solid wood is incomparable to engineered hardwood. Progressive technology is capable of producing very realistic imitations, however. Though elegant, solid hardwood will not withstand high levels of moisture, unlike engineered wood. Humidity makes the solid wood warp or cup.

Solid hardwood cannot go on a concrete subfloor. It needs to be nailed onto a frame. Engineered hardwood will go on any subfloor.

Nature Wood Floors stocks all the standard hardwood floors in Tampa. They have a wide selection of brands to choose from. Their selection of engineered hardwood brands is impressive too. You won’t miss what you seek.

Villagio Wood Floor Florida 

Our villagio wood floors deserve special mention. Villagio wood floors are the effort of innovative technology trying to create contemporary elegance out of traditional European oak.

The result is a beautiful, strong, and durable floor. Nature Wood Floors stocks Villagio in the broadest range of inventive design and color in Florida.

The inventory of our Villagio wood floors and our other products are selected with an eye to quality and cost. You can keep your arm and leg when you source from us.

Useful Tips 

  • Bear in mind where your wood flooring goes. Places with high traffic wear out faster. You may want to use harder wood in those places. Humidity destroys wood floors. Try not to use them in wet areas.
  • When buying your floor, allow for 5- 10% for cutoffs and wastage. Don’t forget to budget for fasteners, door thresholds, and shoe moldings.
  • Longer strips need fewer end joints. This makes the flooring continuous and less distracting. Use shorter strips to make your small room look bigger.
  • The thicker the wood board you buy, the more refinishing it can withstand. If you must purchase a thinner board, make sure it is factory coated, so you don’t have to finish it.
  • Wide planks will contract more than narrow planks, though the latter wood has a fussier feel.
  • Source your hardwood flooring from Nature Wood Floors. Our hardwood floors are affordable and of the best quality. 

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