The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Cypress Wood Floors

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The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Cypress Wood Floors

Cypress wood floors generally require a regular maintenance schedule to protect them from damage, dirt, scratches, and extensive wear and tear. Ensuring that they’re cleaned and taken care of properly extends their longevity and keeps them looking beautiful for years. 


How to Maintain Your Cypress Wood Floors

Regularly vacuum and sweep the floors  to get rid of dust and eliminate any abrasives that could potentially scratch the finishing of the floor. Quickly clean all spills to protect the wood from any form of excess liquid.

Before any sweeping and cleaning though, you should learn how to clean cypress wood floors in order to follow the correct procedures.

Use inside and outside mats, especially at the entrances, to prevent any sorts of abrasive substances and sand from building up and destroying your hardwood floors. You should avoid using rubber and other dense mat backings as they retain humidity and abrasives.

Add some mats near the dishwasher, workstations, and sinks to protect the floor further while cooking and cleaning. Stick felt pads placed under furniture such as chair legs would help ease movements and avoid scratches on your cypress wood floors.

Use extensive and soft polyurethane rubber casters instead of the narrow, rigid plastic ones as they will offer protection.

When moving objects, place a mat and then reverse the things smoothly on the floor, rather than pushing them, leaving scratches.

Be extra careful with sharp pointed objects like spike-heeled shoes as they may chip the finishing on the cypress wood floors, significantly if damaged or worn out.

Try and maintain a relative humidity of about 45% for the good health of your wood furnishings and floor. Wood is natural and reacts with humidity variations, mainly when moisture is absorbed and then released.

It would be best to protect the floor from sunlight and any intense artificial lighting to reduce discoloration on the exposed wood.

Always use the proper cleaning tools on the cypress wood floor, such as a mop that’s been paired with a microfiber pad for cleaning and dusting. This will avoid any string mops that would leave excessive water on the floor, damaging.


Things to Avoid

Do not use vinegar, water, wax, steam, soap-based cleaners, and other strong chemicals on the cypress hardwood floors as they will cause damage.

Never pour any cleaner or liquid directly on the surface of the floor.

You should not use oil-based detergent and wax when cleaning the floor as these will cause more damage to the hardwood floors and leave a greasy film that’s dangerous when you walk on it.