Why Buy Engineered Flooring from Nature Wood Floors?

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Why Buy Engineered Flooring from Nature Wood Floors?

Are you looking for good quality but affordable engineered flooring for your home or workspace? Look no where other than Nature Wood Floors

There are many reasons to choose the Nature Wood Floors over other companies. The noteworthy reasons are:

  • Affordability: Designed hardwood flooring is one of the more inexpensive options for a wood floor, with various prices from $4 to $10 per sq foot (SF), depending upon the thickness and species.
  • Moisture-resistant: Standard-designed wood flooring isn't water-resistant, but it has such good moisture resistance that it's a better option for wet rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Easy to maintain: Engineered timber floors can be kept looking their best with just the infrequent wet mopping with a neutral cleaning solution and the occasional brush or vacuuming.
  • Quick installation: Button technology used in engineered timber flooring installations makes for a speedy and straightforward process.

Nature Wood Floors Prefers Quality Products and Price

Because of our expertise and buying power, we are able to offer flooring from the industry's leading United Kingdom and international manufacturers.

Whether you're going to look for real hardwood, engineered, as well as flooring, we have a wide variety of options in a variety of colors and shades, but also finishes that are all ready to be delivered.

  • Discount Engineered Wood Flooring and Wide Range of Colors 

  • Designed wood flooring, like real wood, is available in many different species, grades, colors, as well as stains. Any aesthetic preference can be accommodated by the wide variety of available finishes. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can go with either a high-quality oiled finish or a more reasonably priced lacquered finish.

  • Nature Wood Floors is Affordable

  • Because of the wide variety of high-quality options available at affordable prices, designed wood flooring has largely replaced solid wood floors as the preferred option for home flooring. Veneered engineered wood from an exotic wood species is still more affordable than its real wood counterpart.

  • Nature Wood Floors is Authentic

  • The fact that engineered timber flooring can be made to look just like real wood is its greatest advantage. Due to its composition of solid wood fiberglass and veneer, designed wood can be easily confused with its solid hardwood counterpart. Simply put, architected wood flooring is your best option if you want the warm glow and aesthetic impact of natural wooden floors without the price tag.

  • Wholesale Engineered Wood Flooring can be Refinished

  • To improve the appearance of your home, you can repaint a designed wood floor in the same way you would a solid wood floor. A worn floor can be revitalized by simply sanding down the top layer and applying new stain and lacquer.

  • Requires Little Maintenance

  • It is sufficient to sweep or vacuum designed wood floors lightly on a regular basis to keep them clean and free of dirt buildup. The best way to prevent stains from leaks and spills is to clean them up as quickly as possible with a soft cloth. 


    Final Thoughts

    When compared to other wood flooring options, architected wood flooring keeps its luster for a long time without the need for re-polishing.

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