Types of Domestic Hardwood

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Types of Domestic Hardwood

With so many types, styles and colors of domestic hardwood available for your home, the choices may seem overwhelming. But keeping in mind which room the flooring will go into will keep you on track and give you a better idea of what’s needed and not for each room. Nature Wood Floors is your premier wood flooring supplier, offering prefinished and unfinished wood types for any room of your home. We ship anywhere in the United States from our headquarters in Tampa, giving you the flooring you need without sacrificing location.

Choosing Flooring For Your Home

Ask any home renovator or flooring company their recommendation, and they will almost always recommend hardwood flooring for your home, and there's a good reason behind it. Hardwood flooring is a great investment no matter the needs and wants you have for your home, as hardwood offers unbeatable long lasting durability. They also come in a wide variety of floor types, styles, colors and stains, leaving endless possibilities for your home. They all offer different ranges of strength and some Brazilian hardwood will offer better waterproof options than other flooring, making it ideal for kitchens and even bathrooms. And if you are looking for more readily available flooring types while also increasing sustainability, then domestic wood is your main choice. Most other hardwoods need to be shipped internationally, causing a lot of emissions and may not be as environmentally-friendly as you may think. Talking with a wood flooring supplier on these types of wood flooring can give you a better idea of where the wood is coming from and which may be the best for sustainability. 

Domestic Hardwoods

There are four main types of domestic wood that work great in homes. Black walnut, also known as American walnut, has a wide range of color options for your home. This tree features darker shades in the center, growing incrementally lighter towards the rings, offering a very unique flooring option for a dining room or even a kitchen. Planks can be light to dark brown, with some undertones of red and grey. The grains will often contain distinct swirls that give the flooring a twist and character for any room of your home. American cherry hardwood is known for its dark, warm hues. This wood will get redder over time, creating a more elegant and extravagant look and finish. Cherry hardwood is typically left unstained, as the grains are more uniform and straight. This wood is best in a bedroom or other rooms with less foot traffic as it is a more sensitive and delicate hardwood. 

More Choices

Oak is one of the most sustainable domestic woods as it’s the most widely abundant woods in America. Red oak is a favorite among homeowners, ranging in color from mahogany to chocolate brown. Oak flooring can take a wide range of stains as well, delivering many style choices for any room in your home and offering customizable colors too. White oak, another common favorite, is a sturdier wood with paler shades available. And if you want a more contemporary look, maple is a classic. With its minimal grain patterns and pale coloring, maple flooring takes the backstage and allows your more modern and vibrant furniture and art to stand out. Maple doesn’t need to be stained, either, and typically wears down to a more yellow hue over time from sun exposure. Within these four types of wood, there is a plethora of designs, grains, stains, and colors you can choose to make your home unique and new. 

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