Find Out The Difference Between European Oak Flooring & Other Oaks

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Find Out The Difference Between European Oak Flooring & Other Oaks

European Oak is a popular choice for flooring in the United States. European Oak has a very distinct set of characteristics which make it distinct from other kinds of oak. Read on to learn more about the differences between European Oak and other kinds of oak! Nature Wood Floors is a top wood flooring supplier in the United States with headquarters in Tampa. Call Nature Wood Floors to order your European Oak flooring today!

How European Oak Flooring Differs From Other Oaks

  • European Oak- The most common species of European Oakare Q. robur and Q. Sessilis. Some of the Oak that is “passed off” as “European Oak” is really from the Russian Far East, and is mostly made up of Q. Mongolica, a species that doesn’t grow at all in Europe, and is very different from real European Oak. It’s important to know the characteristics of European Oak in order to make sure you are purchasing the real thing.
  • White Oak- The main species of White Oak in North America  is Q. Alba, which make up about 45% of the standing White Oak timber. Some species that can be sold under the moniker “White Oak” include Q. prinus, Q. bicolor, Q. mueh. lenbergi, Q. stellata, Q. macrocarpa, Q. Iyrata, and Q. durandii. The majority of White Oak lumber that is sold in  North America holds a certain percentage of Q. Alba, and that percentage can be close to 100% in certain forests around the region of the Great Lakes, which means better color and grain uniformity. White Oak from Northern Appalachia and the forests of Missouri and Kentucky tends to hold a higher percentage of Q. Bicolor and Q. Macrocarpa. Wood from Arkansas and the South will probably hold a higher percentage of Q. lyrata and Q. Prinus. 

Wood Flooring Supplier Distinguishes European Oak And Others

  • European Oak Vs. Russian Oak- Not only is real European Oak (from Western Europe) denser than Russian Oak, European Oak also has a grain structure that is more beautiful. Oak from Russia, particularly from the Far East, generally has black veining running parallel to the grain, a characteristic of American White Oak whose absence in true European Oak is one of the things that makes this kind of oak so elegant. However, having a different grain structure is not the sole reason we avoid Russian Oak. Nature Wood Floors prioritizes sourcing our wood from environmentally responsible areas. All of the  European Oak we sell come from selectively harvested forestry operations in countries  where forestry laws are both strict AND strictly enforced. Illegal logging is a huge issue in Russia, and harvesting Russian Oak contributes heavily to endangering the Siberian Tiger. Unfortunately, illegal logging continues to be a huge problem, which is why it’s important for conscious consumers to support ethically sourced materials. 

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It’s important to be able to distinguish what real European Oak is in order to make an informed decision about your flooring. Headquartered in Tampa, Nature Wood Floors is a top wood flooring supplier in the United States. Order your European Oak flooring from Nature Wood Floors today!