European White Oak Flooring & Other Popular Options in 2020

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European White Oak Flooring & Other Popular Options in 2020

Choosing the right interior flooring for your building can feel like a never-ending process, especially if you’re a commitment-phobic shopper. Trends such as linoleum and shag carpet were flash-in-the-pan trends that went out of style as quickly as they came into it. Hardwood flooring, however, has been a failsafe choice for centuries for any and every aesthetic. Read on to learn more about the color trends that are taking over in 2020 so that you can choose the right type of wood flooring for you! European white oak flooring is one of the predominant trends that is up and coming this year, and Nature Wood Floors provides premium Villagio European oak flooring in order to fit your needs. Nature Wood Floors is a family owned and operated business with many years of experience and expertise in the hardwood flooring industry. We provide a variety of products at wholesale costs that include traditional solid wood, engineered, stair parts, and now offering waterproof vinyl and laminate floors. We are also able to offer customers with custom made products that have a project that necessitates a specific specification or species. Call Nature Wood Floors for your wholesale hardwood flooring needs to order anywhere in the United States today! 

Trends in 2020 

Here are some top trends for hardwood flooring this year to keep in mind when you are thinking about options for your floors:

  • Dark charcoal- A dark charcoal wide plank wood floor to ground a space and keep it looking rich is a top trend this year. 
  • Cool brown walnut & Yellow oak- Many of our clients have started to shift away from the cool gray finishes that were so popular for the past couple years, and to move towards wood tones that seem closer to their natural state. Many designers are also gravitating towards white oaks with yellow undertones, walnuts in a cool brown, and distressing only if authentic. Right now, less is the new more. 
  • Bright painted hardwood- Bright painted hardwood floors are warm, soft, and forgiving if you drop something, and they are easy to repaint whenever you feel like it. Colored hardwood floors are great in the kitchen since there are typically large amounts of tile and stone in them already in the backsplashes and counters and metal materials (appliances, pots, and pans). This makes for a fantastic solution when you may be looking for a material to soften a utilitarian space that most people spend the majority of their time in. 

We Provide European White Oak Flooring

  • European white oak- Nature Wood Floors provides wholesale hardwood flooring in a variety of materials, and European oak is one of the top trends this year. Warm lighter woods for the floor has been and continues to be a big trend in home design, and European white oak adds the perfect balance of organic texture and modern warmth to any space.
  • Unstained white oak- Unstained oak offers a raw, organic look that serves as a great foundation on which to build layers and layers of color. A lot of stained woods limit the color story that you can present- not as much with unstained white oak.

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