What Is The Right Treatment For Your Hardwood Flooring Type?

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What Is The Right Treatment For Your Hardwood Flooring Type?

Refinish? Top Coat? What treatment is right for hardwood? Getting the right product for your flooring type is essential for a new look, and good recovery. Brand new or old, the difference between the popular finishes will help you determine what is right for you. That’s why Nature Wood Floors provides the best alternatives for your floor all across the United States. 

What Top Coat is Best For My Flooring Type?

Now that you’ve decided to install hardwood floors, whether it be a warm cherry wood, rustic oak, or a deep rich walnut, all these types have one thing in common: a protective finish. This helps each floor look their best and become longer-lasting.

However, choosing the correct top coat is daunting with so many products out on the market. For newly installed wood floors or refinishing may require glossiness, ease, or durability. Without blasting through each product and it’s intentions, we offer a few types of products for the best floor finishes of hardwood.

  • Water-Based Polyurethane: While it may seem daunting to see milky white in the can, it does cry clear and will resist yellowing over time. This also comes in satin and semi-gloss to your discretion, and it’s a very durable finish that will resist moisture. The benefit is that you’ll ever need a broom and a damp mop. The downside is that you’ll see every scratch in your floor. 
  • Oil-based Polyurethane: This type is best for high-traffic areas, as it’s strength and durability make it a popular choice. It is also easy to maintain to simply sweep or vacuum. It does however yellow over time and adds a rich warm color to the floors, if that’s your goal.
  • Moisture-cure Urethane: This was originally used in bowling alleys asit prevented scratches, stains, and typical wear and tear. It is very tough and after it dries, offers a starry shine to it. This does take two-weeks to apply but it is the toughest floor finish.
  • Wax: This offers a low-sheen finish and dries within hours. This has been one of the most popular choices of finish since the 60s. It is often done as a DIY for a natural appearance. The flip side is that it is not durable, yellows over time, and is very labor intensive.

Refinishing Your Floors?

Lastly, if you’re looking for a natural product that doesn’t emit VOCs, Shellac is for you. It’s easy to repair and touch up, and does very well with tropical woods. This particular hardwood finish does stain and show water spots very easily, and vulnerable to damage from alcohol. But touching up is the easiest with this product.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we can help!

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Don’t hesitate to take action or ask questions with Nature Wood Floors. We cover the best across the United States for your flooring type. We make sure you’re not overwhelmed by the choices and help narrow down what you’re looking for. We’re here to help make your floors appear the best and what you want.