Different Types of Floors For Sale & Their Finishes

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Different Types of Floors For Sale & Their Finishes

Deciding on your next floor can be a difficult choice. Even more difficult is deciding what combo of finish and wood you should go with. Should you get prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring? High gloss or matte finish? Here at Nature Wood Floors, we’re a family-owned business that specializes in flooring. Our floors for sale are available to be shipped all across the country and we pride ourselves on our quick and friendly service. If you’re looking for a new floor, let us help you decide by explaining the options and providing you with the pros and cons of each.

The Different Floor Finishes

  • Matte Polyurethane
    • This gives a floor a very low sheen level. What this means is that very little lighting will be reflected off of it. In fact, the sheen is so low, almost no light will reflect off of it. While some people really love this look, most don’t fully expect how dull the end result will really be. 
  • Satin Polyurethane
    • The satin look is one of the most popular finishes in the U.S. currently. It provides a medium to low-level sheen for floors that does a good job of hiding dirt and scratches. It’s the perfect in-between for matte and high gloss flooring. 
  • Semi-Gloss Polyurethane
    • Semi-gloss has a much higher sheen level but is not as shiny as high gloss. It is a good compromise if you want a shinier floor, but don’t want to commit to the work of high gloss. Scratches and dirt will be much more noticeable though, so take this into consideration if you’re on the fence about semi-gloss.
  • High Gloss Polyurethane
    • This is the shiniest and has the highest sheen of all the finishes. It is perfect for accenting specialty and exotic hardwood floors and really shows off the graining and beauty. The downside is that it will also accent scratches and dirt. It is an incredibly high maintenance finish and is not recommended for people that have small children and pets or for high foot traffic areas. 

The Best Different Types of Floors For Sale

  • Prefinished VS Unfinished Hardwood Flooring
    • Prefinished flooring is flooring that has been sanded, stained, and coated with a finish before it arrives at your house. Unfinished flooring, on the other hand, is raw wood planks that will be installed into your home and then sanded, stained and coated with finish in your house. Prefinished is usually cheaper and quicker to install, but unfinished usually ends up looking more natural and rich. You also have more control over how the final wood will look since it’s being done on the spot. 
  • Solid VS Engineered Flooring
    • Solid wood flooring is one solid piece of wood usually around 3/4 inches thick. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is made up of several different layers of wood and is not all the same wood throughout. Solid wood is best used when the flooring is above grade, while engineered wood is better for below grade and when you’re looking for more stability. 
  • Vinyl VS Laminate Flooring
    • Vinyl is a completely synthetic flooring material that contains no actual wood. Laminate, on the other hand, actually does use some wood byproducts that are bonded with resins. Both are designed to mimic the look of real hardwood, but laminate tends to look more natural due to actually containing some wood. Vinyl though is more durable and requires less maintenance. 

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