Hardwood Floor Trends in 2022

Hardwood Floor Trends in 2022

Each year comes with new flooring trends. Technology keeps advancing, and unique tastes are acquired. Hardwood floor trends in 2022 have leveled up on aesthetics and will cause your home to look completely different.

Here are the latest trends

Parquet Floors

Parquet floors have gained tremendous popularity in the last year, and this is because they are considered sturdy and durable. The 2022 Hardwood flooring Tampa trends envisions that there will be a hike in this trend.

They are actually the most attributable interiors since the 16th century and will soon become a classic trend.

In 2022, the red and orange hues will replace the more cold grey shades of the Parquet floors.

  • Laminate Flooring Trends 2022

  • Wood flooring Tampa has predicted the explosion of the laminate flooring trend in 2022. These floors provide a semi-glossy lamination that’s convenient for any flooring project. They have an added aged plank effect, with whitewashed and patine floors.

    Laminate flooring has a herringbone or diagonal pattern that makes every space virtually appear larger and more sophisticated to the interiors. This trend will open doors to new and much better possibilities to create unique styles.

  • Porcelain Stoneware

  • In the latest hardwood floor trends of 2022, porcelain stoneware is geared to make a significant impact and transform your space into a rich and luxurious style. It comes in different finishes and colors and also offers you a wide variety of hues for either glossy or matte surfaces as per your choice.

    Most hardwood Tampa companies are recommending porcelain stoneware flooring as the best choice material because it is uncommon and likely to be unique wherever it’s used. It is a bit cold on your feet, but this problem can be sorted through heating.

  • Porcelain and Hexagons Tiles

  • Hexagon tiles have been around for a long time, and in 2022, they are set to make a comeback. Not only can they be used to make your rooms appear aesthetic and modern, but they are also available in different textures, styles, and shapes.

    As per the hardwood flooring Tampa trends of 2022, they will be a great addition to your living area, dining room, and kitchen.

    The unconventional shapes will impart stunning designs to your space.

  • Bleached Wood: Wood Floors 2022

  • Wood flooring Tampa Florida companies have gone in the direction of Bleached Wood for the 2022 Hardwood floor trends. This means that the soft white shades and bright brown spots will be the thing to look forward to. A chemical is usually poured over the wooden surface to lighten the tone. Changing the wood into a classic and modern look.

  • Timber and Concrete: Tile Flooring 2022

  • 2022 will see hardwood flooring trends bringing in quite a lot of concrete and wood. Hardwood Tampa companies are indeed moving in this direction and pointing towards incorporating their flooring designs into vintage floors.

    This will be a hike in the use of concrete tiles, and they will be perfect as they suit all sorts of loft and modern styles.