Hardwood Floor Cleaning Done Right!

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Done Right!

Hardwood Floors can be very valuable and expensive is it’s important to make sure you are cleaning your floors correctly. It’s easy to damage and ruin a hardwood floor if you aren’t cleaning it properly. Hardwood floor is easy to install but much harder to maintain. Hardwood floor cleaning takes a bit of time, effort, and research to make sure you have your floors looking as fantastic as possible! A hardwood floor can add warmth and style to your home that is irreplaceable. Solid hardwood floors are completely made of tough solid wood in every plank. Some of the benefits of solid hardwood floors are that you can always sand them and keep them looking fresh and new. Solid hardware floors are perfect for areas of the home that have a lot of traffic. Having carpet around your home looks very nice, but it can be very troublesome to keep clean. We all have had to spend hours of our time at home cleaning stains out of a carpet.  Homewood floors are perfect if you have children or a lot of people in your households. Hardwood floors are much easier to clean and they look amazing! Prefinished hardwood floors come with a coating that protects and keeps them looking nice. Engineered Hardwood floors are plywood in the middle and the top and bottom are made of solid hardwood. Engineered Hardwood is best to use for installation over radiant heating systems, concrete slabs, and are perfect for hardwood floor cleaning. Nature Wood Floors which is located in Tampa Bay Florida, offer a large variety of hardwood flooring options at competitive prices. Nature Wood Floors specializes in Hardwood Flooring and already has experience and expertise in the hardwood flooring industry. We offer a variety of wood flooring types including traditional solid wood, engineered, stair parts, and now offering waterproof vinyl and laminate floors. Hardwoods floor is important to take good care of and protect. Here are some effective ways to clean your Hardwood Floor!

Cleaning Hardwood Floors


When you are sweeping Harwood Floor you should use a soft-bristled broom. Brooms that are tougher can scratch and damage hardwood floors permanently. If you choose to vacuum your hardwood floor make sure your vacuum has some bare floor setting. Vacuum cleaners can scratch and completely ruin a hardwood floor in seconds. 


You should mop your floor at least once a week. Try not to mop your floor too often because that can wear down your hardwood floor too quickly.


You should immediately clean anything that you spill on your hardwood floor. You never want moisture to seep into your floor and permanently damage it. Just try using a gentle right away to clean any messes.

Hardwood Cleaners

PH-neutral and water-based cleaners are perfect for general cleaning. Soap and detergent cleaners are great for wiping up grease and dirt from hardwood floors. When you are hardwood floor cleaning never use bleach or Ammonia cleaners on a hardwood floor because they can be permanently damaging. After cleaning you can buff the floor with a terry cloth to prevent any streaking and prolong the life of your floor