Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips During COVID

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips During COVID

We're Nature Wood Floors, a family-owned and operated floor material supplier with an incredible online catalog. When you're looking for hardwood flooring for sale, you'll find tons of results. When you choose Nature Wood Floors, you're selecting a factory-authorized dealer that offers wholesale pricing and free shipping throughout the United States. 

At Nature Wood Floors, we don't just offer a wide variety and competitive prices. We pride ourselves in helping customers understand the products they buy. So we're bringing you this guide of hardwood floor cleaning tips to keep your floors clean during COVID and beyond. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning 101: Is Cleaning Enough?  

Cleaning refers to removing dirt and grime. The cleaning process removes germs but doesn't kill them. The method of killing germs is known as disinfecting. Disinfecting requires specific products and is only needed if someone in the household is sick. 

If no one in the house is sick, disinfecting will not bring you any benefits past cleaning. Too much disinfecting can end up causing more harm than good, so go ahead and save yourself the hassle unless it's necessary. 

Hardwood Flooring For Sale: A Few Cleaning Tips Before You Buy 

A daily once-over with a microfiber mop or Swiffer is an excellent way to keep hardwood floors clean. Vacuuming with a soft-bristled brush attachment absorbs even more dirt and debris and is especially helpful for households with pets or allergy sufferers. 

Certain floors can be damaged by excess moisture, so mop with care. Consider using a damp mop instead. For vinyl and laminate floors, be mindful of the cleaning solution. Either use a store-bought brand specifically formulated for your floor type or stick to apple cider vinegar and warm water to avoid damage. 

Disinfecting Is Dirty Work, Only Do It When Necessary 

When disinfecting is required, begin by first thoroughly cleaning your floors. Next, take a look at the manufacturer's directions and review any guidance offered. 

When disinfecting, you'll need to make sure the product you select kills both bacteria and viruses. Then check how long the product needs to be in contact with the surface to kill germs. 

Since water and moisture can damage floors, selecting a fast-acting disinfectant is imperative. On the other hand, the quickest acting products contain harsh chemicals like bleach and will damage the flooring. Disinfecting is tricky but not impossible. Mixing a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water will create a safe and effective floor disinfecting solution.  

When disinfecting, slip on some disposable gloves to protect from chemicals and the germs you'd otherwise come into contact with. Wash your hands thoroughly as recommended by the CDC directly upon glove removal. 

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Now that you know the basics of hardwood floor cleaning, check out the beautiful woods Nature Wood Floors offers. We know there are hundreds of options for hardwood flooring for sale, so we never take customers for granted. We're a factory-authorized dealer offering wholesale pricing and free shipping throughout the United States. But the customer experience doesn't end after the purchase is complete. We provide our customers with the information they need to continue enjoying their flooring for years to come. So contact us for your personalized quote today!