Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floor Species For Your Home

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Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floor Species For Your Home

Which hardwood floor species is right for your home? Check out our guide to some of the most popular hardwood flooring options in the country. Nature Wood Floors is a dedicated wholesale hardwood flooring company that does business with homeowners and business owners throughout the United States, known for the durability and diversity of our flooring selection. Call Today!

Popular Hardwood Floor Species

  • Birch Wood
      • Color: Birch is known for its color contrasts between light golden colors and darker reds and browns.
      • Character: Mostly straight grain, sometimes a slight curve or knot.
      • Durability: 1260 Janka Rating. Strong, Shock Resistant.
  • White Oak Wood
      • Color: Glowing light browns, cohesive in any room.
      • Character: Dynamic grain pattern speckled with darker knots.
      • Durability: 1360 Janka Rating. Made even more durable with finishes and stains.
  • ·        Hickory Wood
      • Color: Hickory varies greatly from pale creamy coats to reddish browns back to sunny blondes.
      • Character: Distinctive, complex grains abundant with knots, varying grain widths, swirls, curves, etc.
      • Durability: 1820 Janka Rating. Hard, Dense, Scratch and Shock Resistant.
  • ·        Red Oak Wood
      • Color: Red Oak is of course a bold, bright red.
      • Character: Densely packed grain with pronounced cathedrals and small knots.
      • Durability: 1290 Janka Rating. Holds up in high foot-traffic areas.
  • ·        Eastern White Pine Wood
      • Color: Eastern White Pine can be anywhere from a pale yellow or tan to light reddish brown.
      • Character: Known for its tight, smooth grain with occasional large knots.
      • Durability: 380 Janka Rating. Softer wood who will get dings and dents, but also compress over time, lasting decades.
  • ·        Walnut Wood
      • Color: Intense variations between lighter tan colors and coffee brown hues.
      • Character: A straight grain marked with many embellishing knots, swirls, cathedrals, and other features.
      • Durability: 1010 Janka Rating. Moderately Dense.

The Key Characteristics You Should Be Looking Out For

We outlined each of these woods by the traits: color, character, and durability. But what do these all mean? These are the features you’ll want to keep in mind the most when picking out your flooring.


This one is fairly obvious, consisting of both the actual hue of the wood, its variations within one plank and within the entire spread, and the wood’s brightness on the floor.


This includes all of the features and embellishments that make the wood unique from plank to plank, as well as the density and complexity of the grain pattern. Common features include curves, swirls, and knots.


This is the strength and longevity of the wood. Durability is measured by the Janka Hardness Scale (which tests what force is needed to embed a small steel ball halfway into the wood). The higher the number, the higher the durability of the wood.

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