Five Great Hardwood Floor Supplies

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Five Great Hardwood Floor Supplies

Hardwood flooring in the United States dates back to the 1600s and has advanced to fit in the 21st century. Nature Wood Floors has covered all those seeking to renovate and change their flooring. We have a wide variety of hardwood flooring to ensure that each customer finds a style that suits them best.

We are the best hardwood floor supplier in the USA. We even educate our customers about the different types of wood floors. This helps them make an informed decision before purchasing the product they have finally settled on. Here are the five best wood you should consider for your flooring.


Oak Wood                            

This is the most abundant wood species in the United States, and it is found in most homes due to its durability and cheapness. It is suitable for homes with kids and pets, so you are assured of their safety. Additionally, it has been designed to be highly resistant to dents, scratches, and other forms of external irritation. It is an excellent idea for somebody who doesn't want mats and carpets on their floors.  


Pine Wood      

This kind of wood is abundant in the US, which makes it cheap and sustainable flooring in most parts. It is durable and can withstand the weather. Being a leading hardwood floor supplier, our pine wood is high quality, and we guarantee our customers the best product.


Maple Wood             

This kind of wood grows mainly in the northern US, and it’s price range is flexible. Therefore, it gives you a uniform look in your house in addition to a natural look. It’s hard and, hence, resistant to scratches, making it ideal for people with small children and pets. Furthermore, maple's natural colors range from light hues of beige, tan, or grey. It is used in a modern and contemporary setting.


American Walnut

This is mainly grown in the central plus eastern USA and is considered among the most expensive softwood. It is because of the unique color and grain variation you get depending on the part of the tree. Additionally, the colors vary from light to dark brown giving you that extra character. As a result, these are often used in fewer traffic areas, such as bedrooms, and their elegant beauty makes them popular.


Ash Wood

This tree grows widely in the USA and has similarities to American walnut but is less expensive, making it a good alternative. They are known for a wide range of colors. It is from the beautiful light tones of white, yellow, tan, and brown. It is tricky like that of oak which makes it ideal for traffic areas.

There are so many options to consider when shopping for wood flooring, which can be overwhelming. We install all kinds of floors, including unfinished hardwood flooring. When buying wood floors in bulk, please buy them from wholesale wood flooring stores. 

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