Carpet To Hardwood, What To Expect

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Carpet To Hardwood, What To Expect

Contemplating a switch from carpet to hardwood flooring? You are not alone. It seems to be on many homeowners' minds these days. The latter adds a touch of luxury and boosts the aesthetics significantly. Nature Wood Floors provides a broad range of high-quality flooring options from different brands. Simply get on our website and find what suits your home theme. Our team will be glad to be of help.

Still, you may have some daunting factors in mind. For instance, how much does it cost? This article gives insight into all you need to know before you make the switch. But first, we may have a few ideas why you are looking forward to the replacement below.


Why Switch From Carpets To Hardwood Flooring? 

Coming to terms that you need to replace your flooring is no small feat, but some reasons justify your desire for a more practical system. First, carpets are soft and warm to walk on and cost less than most materials. But the benefits of hardwood flooring below outweigh the carpet advantages.

  • Go Modern

Like to keep up with trends? There is no crime in measuring up to today's flooring designs. Hardwood flooring is a favorite of many homeowners and professionals. Contractors, designers, and homebuilders have developed a liking for hardwood floors for decades, and it's not likely to change anytime soon. Its timelessness is a plus. 

  • Stands Up To Heavy Foot Traffic

Day-to-day foot traffic and the usual wear and tear can take effect on the carpet. The end is worn out fibers and discoloring, leaving a need for another replacement. Generally, carpets last anywhere between five to fifteen years. Their hardwood counterparts boast better durability and an extended lifespan with or without heavy foot traffic. A well-maintained hardwood system lasts up to twenty years or more. 

  • Boost Your Home's Value

Searching for ways to boost the value of your home before a sale? Incorporating hardwood flooring in your renovation is worth the effort and expense. Some buyers settle for nothing less than this appealing flooring system, crossing out homes without the feature. It's one way to up your game!

  • Feels natural

A hardwood flooring system is a gift from mother nature to you and, therefore, feels more natural than any carpet. A bonus is its ability to make your space look larger while creating a warm and inviting feel. Ensure you choose hardwood flooring that matches your home theme, these simple tips should help.

  • Effortless To Clean

Carpets like to hide dirt and grime in their long fibers. When you add spills, accidents, and stubborn stains, you may have to sacrifice tons of hours for your cleaning sessions. Since they attract dust, they can be problematic for those with allergies. Hardwood floors are not just pretty; but also less stressful to handle and maintain. Discover how to clean hardwood flooring and be a pro!

  • Can Be Refinished

Hardwood allows you to change your floor's color, style, or stain per your wishes. A new look is achievable without the trouble of a complete replacement, with the possibility of re-sanding and refinishing a couple of times. When the carpet wears out, you only have one option, which is deep diving into your pockets for a replacement. There is no bargain whatsoever. 


What Is The Hardwood Flooring Cost?

The location, material, and subfloor type determine the precise costs. But generally, expect to spend $3 to $14 per square foot for the material itself. Installation can cost $3 to $8, depending on your installer. In total, you may have to part with $6 to $22 per square foot based on how extravagant you want to go with the renovation. 


How Much Should It Cost For Carpet Removal? 

Often this costs between $0.11 to $0.22/square foot or $1 to $2/square yard. You can opt for a DIY removal to save money.

Hardwood flooring is modern, eye-catching, and can effortlessly turn around your home's outlook. It also comes with practical pros since it's effortless to clean and maintain, has refinishing potential, lasts longer even with heavy foot traffic, and attracts home buyers during sales. Always work with reliable retailers for high-quality flooring systems that provide great value. An effortless choice for hardwood floors, Florida, buy online from us. We have an inventory of the best hardwood flooring choices to suit our vast customer base. Check them out in the comfort of your home; you will like what you see!