Looking For A Variety Of High-Quality Hardwood Flooring In Tampa?

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Looking For A Variety Of High-Quality Hardwood Flooring In Tampa?

Renovating your home can be fascinating, especially when you picture the end product. And one of the places that make and break the outlook is your floor. Hardwood flooring in Tampa is a material that is having a moment of fame in this area. It's easy to see why, from durability and aesthetics to warmth. Still, there are a variety of hardwood floorings, and choosing the suitable one for your home may be a puzzle. You need to keep the color, texture, and design in mind, as these elements are crucial. Let's jump right into the factors to consider.


What To Consider For Your Hardwood Flooring In Tampa

  • Grain Pattern and appearance

Let's face it. One of the reasons you are renovating your home is to give it a fresh feel and look, and the design is at the center. Patterns in the design are based on how the wood is cut. Your options include the plain sawn wood, which is most homeowners' favorite and features the traditional wood grain with cathedral patterns. Rift-sawn wood has long and consistent grains with no cathedrals. Still, it's pretty costly. Quarter-sawn wood is identical to rift-sawn but forms unique patterns with irregular specs. 

  • Flooring type

Hardwood floors in Tampa consist of solid or engineered flooring. The former has thick and solid planks of wood. Those who choose it like the authenticity and longevity of these floors. They can be sanded and refinished a couple of times to regain their luster. Their counterparts have grown more popular over time and feature several layers of composite material and plywood with a top-up of a thin veneer layer. They inhibit shifting from expansion and contraction cycles. The downside is that some of these options have thinner layers which pose difficulty to sand and refinish later. Solid floors are a perfect fit if you are looking for hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa.

  • Finishing options

If you think that this factor is about the outlook, you'd be surprised that it also determines your maintenance and care duty. Establishing the best wood flooring in Tampa settlement for you is choosing between the prefinished and unfinished choices. With prefinished floorings, they come with the topcoat and stain already applied. It is the perfect definition of what you see is what you get, as this is exactly how your floor will look in the end. It makes it easy to determine if it will match well with your interior décor. Unfinished floors come raw and unfinished. The finishing layer is applied after the installation. They give room for customizing your floor to your preferences, making it possible to match the planks with the current system.

  • Type of wood

While color and design depend on the wood type you choose, so should the functionality. If you have pets and kids or experience high foot traffic, you must select a harder flooring. Thanks to its durability, attractiveness, and stain resistance, Oak has been a go-to choice for most Americans. Walnut is a softer alternative with a rich tone. You could go harder than Oak with maple and hickory. 


Hardwood flooring in Tampa is a modern and attractive option for homeowners. It provides aesthetics and durability and is flexible to match most types of decors. However, where you purchase your flooring is crucial. Nature Wood Floors is a trusted flooring partner in Tampa and its environs for providing a variety of options with the highest quality. Contact their friendly team to make your order today for great value for your money!