Top 5 Pointers For Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring In Tampa

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Top 5 Pointers For Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring In Tampa

Hardwood flooring is an excellent idea for flooring due to its durability, warmth, and its appealing look. The hardwood floor is the real deal if you want to add value and beauty to your home. They are made from wood materials like timber and bamboo, and these designs are popular in modern homes. There is a variety of hardwood flooring in Tampa for you to select your perfect style. Each wood floor has different characteristics like species, installation cost, quality, and colors, making it unique.

However, regardless of the varieties available, selecting the right style and material is vital for any home modeling project. Here is an outline of features to consider when choosing the right hardwood for floor installations.


Type Of The Wood Flooring

The first step to consider is the type of wood flooring you want, be it solid or engineered wood flooring. The solid woods are made of thick planks of wood milled from timber. They are designed with a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and repeatedly finished multiple times than engineered wood floors.

The engineered woods are made with multiple thin layers of wood held together to form a plank. This type of natural wood flooring is becoming popular due to its stability. 


Wood Species

After deciding on the floor type, it's crucial to pick suitable wood species. Different species can significantly impact and offer varied functionality to your home designs. There are various exotic hardwood flooring species in Tampa, like Oak, which is durable with a natural attractive grain pattern, walnut species with warm and cozy vibes, and Bamboo species with light and striking similarities to authentic hardwood, among other foreign species.


Aesthetic alignment

To get the proper flooring sensation, the artistic impact and appearance of the wood flooring depends on your choice of wood species and the following cutting pattern. Hence, considering suitable wood species is critical to having a positive aesthetic alignment.



The overall quality of your wood floors is based on the wood type, species, and finishes applied. For example, you can decide to use oil finishes that easily penetrate the wood and appear soft and natural or polyurethane, which seems more durable than oil finishes.



Oil finishes are generally easier to maintain than polyurethane. This is because you can easily cover up scratches, while maintenance and repair may be complex for the latter. Hence, weigh your options before deciding on the coating layer of your wood flooring.

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