Hardwood Flooring Cost In Tampa

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Hardwood Flooring Cost In Tampa

The cost of hardwood flooring Tampa depends on many different factors, such as the total square footage of the floor, the cost of labor for the hardwood flooring installation, and any other work that may need to be done before the installation.

Choosing solid hardwood flooring Tampa, such as teak, will also cause the price to go higher compared to using a more affordable type of wood like oak.

The average hardwood flooring for sale cost in Tampa is approximately $5,000. However, different woods have different costs such as;

Basic wood flooring installation – costs approx. $3 per sq. foot in Tampa, and the cost of hand-scraped oak planks can go as high as $7 per sq. foot.

Maple flooring cost – for residential installation costs about $2,400 for five days of labor.

How Long Will The Whole Hardwood Flooring Installation Take?

The total time of hardwood flooring installation will depend on the condition of your floors, the size of floors, and the company you choose to do the job for you.

The total time it takes will vary from several days to more than two weeks. Hardwood flooring installation includes demolitions, the wood type, the total square foot of the project, and the installation method you choose.

The demolition is usually necessary if you have existing flooring that may need replacement with hardwood floors.

New construction homes will require this step if the subfloor is already primed and ready for the hardwood flooring installation.

Which Hardwood Flooring for Sale is the Best?

The best Hardwood floors should be durable, either maple or cherry, complex species such as oak, solid hardwood flooring Tampa, etc.

The choice should stand out from the rest and ensure it serves you for an extended period. However, if you can afford engineering hardwood, it is the best and better equipped for humid households.

It would be best if you also considered buying prefinished hardwood flooring and the kind that's more durable and simple to install. Prefinished wood comes with a warranty from the factory, which is always a great idea.

Another great option for hardwood flooring installation is Bamboo. However, you should be aware that some bamboo is not eco-friendly due to its production process. Some of the best brands are Carlisle, Bruce, and lumber liquidators.

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