How To Know How Much Hardwood Flooring Tampa To Buy

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How To Know How Much Hardwood Flooring Tampa To Buy

The decision to add more value to your home while improving its aesthetics with hardwood flooring Tampa is one part of the equation, and as far as words could go. How about some actions to establish the number of floorings you will require? What type of wood flooring do you wish to buy for starters? Because that will influence how straightforward your measurements will be. Standard wood flooring and typical room sizes are effortless. For custom homes and random sizes of wood, the story is quite different, and the math is a little complex. Still, it's something you can handle. However, getting a professional makes it easier for you while ensuring accuracy. Either way, let's show you how you can estimate the material you will need for your floor.

Measuring The Required Hardwood Flooring Tampa Made Easy!

With only a pen, paper, tape measure, and a calculator, you are good to go. Measure the areas to be covered by the flooring in feet. Lucky you, if the room is rectangular or square. All you have to do is measure the length and width. If the room's shape is unique or perhaps your bedroom has a closet, measure them separately. Repeat each measurement twice to be sure. 

Multiply the length and width, sum each area's square footage, and add to the square feet of odd-shaped rooms.

Back to the wood flooring you choose, one case of each type covers a different square feet figure. Divide the total square feet by the amount in each case. Right there is the number of cases you will need for your flooring. Are you purchasing random-length strip flooring typically sold by linear foot? Multiply your house's total square feet by 1.38.


Note: For instance, if your cases are 9 and a half, round it off to 10. Like any other home improvement project, perfection doesn't exist. So, buy an extra of 5 to 10% of all materials to cover for any little measurements you may have missed and cater for any mishaps that may occur.


Hardwood Flooring Cost Tampa

Estimating the costs of your flooring project will save you the surprises later. Since you have calculated the square footage, you are one step away. Take the square footage of the room(s), add the extra 5 to 10 %, and multiply it with the square foot price of your ideal wood flooring system. Remember other materials like the nails.

On average, wood flooring installation should cost around $6 to $12 for every square foot. The materials should cost between $3 and $7 per square foot, while the labor cost may be around $3 to $5 per square foot. Depending on whether it's high end or low end, you may part with $2493 to $6754. These costs result from style, pattern, plank width, thickness, grade, color, and grain. Remember that opting for engineered or traditional solid hardwood flooring in Tampa will also affect the total cost.

Get the best hardwood flooring in Tampa today

Hardwood flooring Tampa is undoubtedly a good choice and goes beyond aesthetic appeal, durability to evoke an inviting feel to your home. However, you may have to measure your flooring to get the estimated square footage and plan the project. But as always, involving a qualified contractor ensures accuracy and saves you the back and forth due to small mistakes. While at it, choose the best flooring store for high-quality floorings and an expert installation.