How Long Do Hardwood Floors Need To Acclimate Before Installing?

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How Long Do Hardwood Floors Need To Acclimate Before Installing?

For successful hardwood floors acclimation, the humidity range should be 30- 50 % with temperatures ranging between 60°- 80° Fahrenheit. For the best wood floor acclimation services choose us for wood flooring in Tampa.

But before that, is it important to know if acclimating your hardwood floors is necessary

Yes, indeed it is necessary.

When hardwood floors are not acclimated properly the flooring will face shrinkage, excessive expansion, and structural damages. 


What Is Hardwood Acclimation?

Hardwood acclimation is a process that aims to balance the moisture level of the flooring with that of its surrounding environment. 


The Best Practices For Hardwood Floors Acclimation

Wood Flooring Storage

Ensure to store the wood in an enclosed building with controlled environmental conditions. Before storing the wood check that the moisture level and temperature in the selected building are perfect for hardwood floors

Depending on your region, seek advice from a flooring installation expert concerning the ideal moisture level for your floors. For those in Tampa, you can contact Nature Wood Floors. We're the best for wood flooring in Tampa FL. Our professionals will help in identifying the right moisture level for your hardwood floors.


Measure Wood Flooring Moisture Content

As soon as the hardwood floors are delivered, ensure you check their moisture content using a moisture meter. These measurements will help in establishing the correct baseline for wood acclimation. Measure multiple flooring boards for more accurate measurements. 

After this, you will need to figure out the optimal moisture content. With that set, your wood will be set for acclimation. Also, issues such as bowing and excessive shrinkage of wood will not be experienced.


Store Hardwood Floors In Smaller Lots

Experts of hardwood floors in Tampa always recommend that boards should be shipped and stored in smaller lots. This helps in aerating the wooden floors for successful acclimation. Also for improved air circulation ensure to use spacers as you cross-stack the boards.


How Long Should The Acclimation Process Take?

Hardwood Floors need to acclimate for a minimum of three days. As you already know, acclimation is a process that seeks to attain moisture content equilibrium. At a balanced moisture level wood will neither gain nor lose moisture. 

Also, note that acclimation varies depending on the wood species and products. For example, engineered flooring needs more than three days to acclimate. We also have wood products that don't need acclimation; they can just be installed immediately. 

Be sure to check the manufacturers' recommendations before beginning the acclimation process.


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