How Do You Care And Protect Your Hardwood Floor In Winter?

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How Do You Care And Protect Your Hardwood Floor In Winter?

Hardwood floors in winter will need a little love and care. This is because, when the temperature outside starts to drop, your floors will not only get cold, but they will also be sensitive to the cold and start making cracking noises when you walk on them.

Hardwood floors are designed to contract and expand with changes in temperature and humidity, so the cracking noise is just the sound of the wood contracting.

However, there are things you can do to deal with the hardwood floor cracking noise in winter and help minimize any damage that is likely to occur.


Tips To Protect Your Hardwood Floors in Winter

Using Doormats 

One of the best ways to protect your hardwood floors during winter is to use doormats. Doormats help trap dirt, mud, and snow before it has a chance to get dragged onto the floors.

The doormats also help avoid hardwood floor cracking noise in winter. Choose a doormat that is large enough to cover the entire area in front of each door to your home.

You should also place doormats on both sides of each door to help trap any dirt or debris that might blow inside.


Keep the Humidity Level In Your Home Consistent 

Another way to prevent hardwood floor cracking noise in winter is to keep the humidity level in your home consistent. Extreme changes in humidity can cause hardwood floors to warp or cup.

To help maintain a consistent humidity level, you can use a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed. You should also avoid placing any potted plants near your hardwood floors, as they can release moisture into the air and cause the humidity level to rise.


Protect The Hardwood Floors From Furniture

During the winter, you should also take care to protect your hardwood floors from furniture. Heavy furniture can dent and scratch the floors, so it's important to use furniture pads or coasters as one way of keeping your hardwood floors safe in winter.

Do not drag furniture across the floors, as this can cause scratches. If you need to move heavy furniture, it's best to lift it instead.


Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals On The Floors

Learn how to keep your wood floors clean. One important tip is to not use harsh chemicals. The harsh chemicals can damage the finishing on your floors and make them more susceptible to scratches and scuffs.

Instead, use a mild soap or floor cleaner that is specifically designed for hardwood floors. You should also avoid using steam cleaners on your hardwood floors as the steam can cause the wood to warp.


Be Prepared For Winter 

Taking some time to prepare yourself for the winter season ahead, can go a long way toward protecting your hardwood floors during winter.

Start by having your floors professionally cleaned and sealed. This will help to protect the finishing on your floors and make them easier to clean.

You should also consider applying a fresh coat of wax to your floors. This will help to fill in any scratches or nicks and make your floors shine.


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