How To Maintain Unfinished Wood Flooring

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How To Maintain Unfinished Wood Flooring

Homeowners love hardwood flooring instead of carpet because it is much easier to clean. However, cleaning unfinished wood flooring is much different than finished wood, so many people ask themselves, “how do you take care of unfinished hardwood floors.” Nature Wood Floors tells you how to maintain unfinished wood flooring, so it stays looking beautiful without any damage. Believe it or not, there are key differences when it comes to cleaning finished floors and unfinished floors, so you must take our advice seriously. You do not want your floor to damage due to taking care of it the wrong way. Cleaning unfinished wood floors is not difficult as long as you get into a good routine and that you have the proper cleaning supplies. Plus, our help will make you think differently about taking care of your unfinished flooring because you will know exactly how to care for it. We are professionals who have years of experience with all kinds of flooring.

How To Maintain Unfinished Wood Flooring

For those of you who are asking yourself “how do you clean unsealed wood floors,” you have come to the right resources! First, it is important to clean gently when it comes to unfinished wood because they do not have that extra layer on top. Second, dampen the cloth you use instead of dousing your floor with water and soap. Third, use a mop that will not leave a lot of water on the floor, such as a cotton mop that you can refill. Fourth, make sure you are cleaning your floors with a wood cleaner. Do not purchase anything with oil in it, for example. Fifth, If you notice any stains on your floor, we recommend sanding them away. Six, vacuuming your floor will help remove any buildup, which is always helpful. Seventh, if you notice any stains on your floor, we recommend sanding them away. Eighth, try to avoid spills altogether because they are truly detrimental to unfinished wood. Ninth, consider purchasing some rugs and mats for a beautiful aesthetic and extra protection. Lastly, if you want to rearrange your furniture, clean the floor first, so any particles do not scrape the unfinished wood.

How To Protect Unfinished Wooden Floors 

Along with our tips for maintaining unfinished hardwood floors, we want to share with you some common mistakes that people make when they clean. Here are these mistakes:

  • Scrubbing the floors with harsh pads and brushes
  • Using cleaning supplies and soaps for finished floors and not unfinished floors
  • Using too much water with the wrong mop


One of the best tips we have when it comes to how to clean unfinished wood is to get into a good routine. Consistency is key when it comes to keeping your unfinished flooring looking brand new, so try to figure out a schedule that works with your daily routine. Your floors will thank you! 

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Nature Wood Floors understands that it can be tricky to keep up with unfinished hardwood floors, which is why we provide tips on how to maintain unfinished wood flooring. Cleaning this flooring is not difficult as long as you are consistent. Call or visit us today if you need any more tips from us.