The Best Strategies On How To Make Your Wood Floors Look New!

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The Best Strategies On How To Make Your Wood Floors Look New!

If your floorings have had too much of the abuse, they may need a little pampering to bring back a sense of vibrance. Even the toughest hardwood floor must show wear and tear over time. While that may be the process of sanding, restaining, and resealing, you may not be looking forward to the spending. The excellent news is there are much easier strategies to restore a dull floor that cost little to nothing. This article gives insight into how to make your wood floors look new


How To Make Your Wood Floors Look New Again!

  • Identify your hardwood flooring

This determines the best way to make old wood floors look new. For instance, laminated floors require meticulous cleaning with soap and water to unearth the shine. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floors are more effortful. Start by pouring water drops on the worn-out floor. Refinish the floor if water beads form. If you notice water absorption, that may need professional intervention. 

  • Everyday cleaning 

Perhaps the most crucial strategy of how to make your hardwood floors look new should be the one done more often as its impact is seen over time. First, never use a damp mop to clean your floors as it creates stains after drying. Instead, clear dirt and dust with a dry dust mop with soft microfibers. When it requires intense cleaning, utilize oil soap. Dilute it according to the manufacturer's directions and apply lightly on the floorings. Then rinse with a clean damp mop and use a different mop or towel for complete dryness. Oil soap is a moisturizer and doesn't dry the floor like it's water and tile floor cleaner counterparts. Besides, the water clears sealants and coatings. At the same time, dry any spills immediately to prevent discoloring and fading. 

  • Clear the stains and discolorations

You can remove any permanent marks, food stains, and discolorations with toothpaste. Apply it to a dry cloth and rub it in a circular motion. Use a different clean cloth to remove the paste. Why paste? It is gentle on the floor and doesn't create a dull look. 

  • Wax coating 

This is advisable for floors with penetrating finishes. Unsure if this describes your flooring? No worries. Choose any part of your floor and scrape the surface with a knife. If you notice smudging with no traces of clear material on the knife, there is a high probability that the floor has a penetrating finish. 

  • Polishing

Perform thorough cleaning on your floor and ensure it's dry. Add a bit of wood floor polish along with the room's corners, ensuring it takes the S shape. Then carefully spread the polishing with a flat-surface mop. Always work with the wood grain. Additionally, begin with thin layers and let them dry before applying an additional coating. You can also wait an entire day before the second coating for a better and brighter look. 

  • Buffing

Make hardwood floors look new by buffing. This is almost similar to refinishing. The difference is that refinishing involves clearing the thin wood layer to apply a fresh coat of paint and sealant, and buffing rids, light scratches, and any other material that dulls your floors. Don't have a buffing machine? Rent it from a hardware or home improvement store. 


Why Is Refinishing Necessary? 

While polishing, cleaning, and buffing evoke a fresh appearance, they may not be up to the task of removing minor dents, nicks, stubborn stains, and other imperfections. Refinishing incorporates sanding the top thin layer and applying fresh paint or stain and a sealant. 


Wondering How To Make Your Wood Floors Look New Instantly?

Follow the above recommendations to bring back luster to your floor without spending too much. Do this from your everyday cleaning to the thorough cleaning for optimum results. It's also essential to have refinishing done by credible professionals occasionally.