6 Luxury Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips & Hacks

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6 Luxury Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips & Hacks

So, you’ve finally gotten your dream hardwood floors. Your aesthetic is perfect. It matches your furniture, the cabinetry, even the drapes. Now, you are left with a question: how do you preserve your hardwood floors and your carefully crafted appeal? We at Nature Wood Floors provide hardwood services to clients all over the United States and understand the importance of keeping hardwood floors clean and safe. That is why we have put together this blog to help you accomplish your goal. Your floor may need some love and care every once in a while. However, it is nice to have methods of maintaining your precious floor with tools you can easily find at home. Read on to learn 6 tips and hacks for cleaning your luxury hardwood floor.

6 Tips & Hacks for Cleaning Your Luxury Hardwood Floor

  1. Use an iron - Just as this can smooth out clothes, an iron can also smooth out hardwood floors. To do this, take a wet cloth and place it over any dents in your hardwood. Then, use the iron to iron out the dent (through the cloth, because you don’t want to burn the wood).
  2. Socks - Your socks protect your feet from the perils of the ground. However, if you put those socks on the legs of your furniture, you can protect your floor.
  3. Toothpaste - You can use toothpaste to remove common accidents and stains (like permanent marker). Put a little on a damp rag and scrub vigorously.
  4. Baby Powder - Creaky floors? Dust them down with baby powder, and it will fill up the empty space. No moving space, no creaks.
  5. Canola Oil - If you’ve got scratches on the floors, the shine from canola oil can make them less visible. Also, shiny wooden floors (so clean).
  6. Black Tea - When you need a floor cleaner in a hurry, black tea works as one without harsh chemicals. However, it is always advised to use an approved floor cleaning solution.

Feel free to use these hacks whenever you find them necessary. With these, you can increase the life and beauty of your hardwood floors.

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There are many more tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to keep your hardwood floor looking exceptional. That is why, as trusted hardwood floor suppliers, we have created a blog to keep you up to date on all the information you could desire. We’ve seen many things and have helped many people, so we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to all things regarding hardwood floors. Whether in installing, cleaning, or repairing, you can trust that we have the answers you need. Therefore, do not hesitate to reference our blog. If you happen to not find the answers you want, feel free to call us.

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