Maintaining Hardwood Floors: The Ultimate Guide!

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Maintaining Hardwood Floors: The Ultimate Guide!

When it comes to maintaining hardwood floors you will need to avoid tough bristle brushes, leave your boots and shoes at the door, vacuum and dry mop the floor. 

Engineered hardwood floors are beautiful, elegant, and timeless as they can last for years when properly maintained. Most of the wooden floors are durable and hard-wearing. 

Nonetheless, all of them require and need hardwood floor care and maintenance. Maintaining wood floors is easy and undemanding when you are familiar with the tricks of maintaining them. 

Some cleaners and tools for engineered wood flooring maintenance include broom and dustpan, vacuums, and microfiber mops. First off let's look at cleaning methods for engineered hardwood maintenance.


Tips To Cleaning And Maintaining Wood Floors

Choose A Brush With Soft Bristles

Engineered hardwood maintenance and cleaning requires you to use a brush with soft bristles. You should regularly use it to sweep away dust and dirt from the floor.


Vacuum Cleaner

This way to maintain hardwood floors. Ensure you purchase a lightly padded vacuum with a soft nozzle. A wooden floor vacuum cleaner will help you in cleaning dust, dirt, and pet hair from the wooden floor.


Microfiber Mop

This mop combined with a pH-neutral solution will help you in removing stains from the surface. These two are gentle and effective tools for hardwood floor care and maintenance. 


Tricks To Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Avoid Wet And Sticky Spills

Engineered wood flooring maintenance requires you to protect the floor from undesirable damages. Despite the engineered wood floors having layers of oil protection when they soak unwanted liquids, they may get damaged over time. Therefore, always remember to wipe off wet and sticky spills immediately they occur. 


Minimize Scratches And Dents

The best way to maintain hardwood floors is to protect them from dents and scratches. Small dents and scratches are inevitable, but you should ensure your floor doesn't suffer from deeper and larger dents. As a way to avoid such dents avoid walking on the floor using outdoor footwear. 

You can get soft indoor footwear for hardwood floor care and maintenance. Be keen to notice stones or grit on your floor.


Handle Heavy Equipment With Care

Another way of maintaining hardwood floors is by preventing heavy objects like furniture from scratching the floor. If you wish to move furniture, ensure you pick it up, don't drag it across the wooden floor. You can purchase protective pads for your furniture; it will aid in minimizing unnecessary scratches.


Use The Write Cleaning Products

Lastly, avoid using cleaning products that might damage the floor. Such products include paste wax and murphy oil soap. For instance, using a paste wax will make your wooden floor too slippery. 

Also, avoid solutions like vinegar and baking soda as they will damage polyurethane. A neutral solution is the best for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors.


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