All You Need To Know About Maintaining Hardwood Floors

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All You Need To Know About Maintaining Hardwood Floors

It's no secret that hardwood flooring may give you a better run for your money. These floors offer many takeaways from boosting your home's value, unmatched aesthetics, stain resistance, durability, and warmth. What more could anyone ask for? Still, everything nice comes at a cost. And if you're going to keep that day one sheen, you may have to put your handyman tools to the test. Maintaining hardwood floors is fortunately not rocket science, and we discuss all you should know below.


Your Guide To Maintaining Hardwood Floors 

  • Get rid of spills immediately

No matter how cautious you are, a spill of whatever you take can easily get to your flooring. While hardwood floors are stain-resistant, letting these spills stay too long on the floor fosters damage and stubborn stains. Therefore, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe any spills to prevent scratches from ruining the fantastic aesthetics. If it's a paint, lipstick, oil, or ink stain, you can use acetone nail polish remover on a soft clean cloth to wipe. Then finish by using a clean, water-dampened cloth to clear the traces. 

  • Dust on a daily

Sweep or dust your floor every day. Did we hear an 'ouch?' It sounds like a lot, especially if you have a busy schedule. But it's a small price to pay to maintain your investment. You may not wear shoes indoors, but even that won't stop dust sneaking in and settling on the floorboards. Dusting is also crucial since dirt and sand can easily leave scratches on the floor. Do you have pets? It is a more valid reason to keep up with this duty as their industriousness makes them shed in various places of your home. 

  • Weekly vacuuming

Engineered wood flooring maintenance is incomplete without weekly vacuuming. It evokes a fresh feel into your home and clears any crumbs that may have escaped sweeping. As you vacuum, utilize the setting for bare floors. You can perform monthly cleaning with a wood floor cleaner; another way to take care of wood floors. Soapy water or a wet mop shouldn't be a choice during the exercise. 

  • Get furniture pads

Maintaining wood floors may incorporate gifting your furniture some pads. Scratches are on the top list of problems homeowners face with hardwood flooring. Well, scratches are inevitable, but you can minimize them with pads. 

  • Refinishing

It should be done after every three to five years. As expected, your flooring will look bland after a reasonable time. However, recoating can work some magic. It is the application of a new coat of finish. There are no rules to when you should refinish your floors as this solely depends on your lifestyle and the individual. For instance, if you have kids and pets, your floor is likely to experience wear and tear faster as opposed to a home with a grownup who can take note of the implications of their actions on the flooring.

Maintaining hardwood floors is crucial to ensure your investment serves you for years to come. Hardwood floors can be refinished after a few years to evoke a new look and feel in your home. You should also get your flooring system from a reliable company that offers high-quality products.