The Right Hardwood Floor for a Minimalist Furnishing Style Home

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The Right Hardwood Floor for a Minimalist Furnishing Style Home

Minimalist interior décor is premised on the concept of ‘less is more’. Here the maximum aesthetic potential of space is derived by leaving it uncluttered by unnecessary ornamental items. Clean and regular lines and edges further characterize it. The color palette is monochromatic but accentuated to be impressive.

The trick in minimalist hardwood floors is to create both aesthetic appeal and functional appeal. If you go wrong, you may end up with a space that looks both vast and forbidding. The pursuit of an uncluttered effect should not result in a bleak and uninviting space. The room should feel welcoming and live in something Nature Wood Floors pride themselves in delivering.

A good flooring option for a minimalist effect should fit in with and complement the rest of the look. It should accent the rest of the coloring and provide a suitable backdrop for the rugs and the furnishings.

Minimalist Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have an enduring look and are a great option in any home. They come in different modern styles and can be carefully selected to fit a minimalist lifestyle. They are durable as well.

You should go for pale or muted color tones. These give the room an open and airy look, appropriate examples are beach, maple, or white oak. Narrow planks should be preferred to broader planks as they help reduce grains' appearance, which may be distracting. The aim is to make your room feel bigger, brighter, and decluttered.

Nature Wood Floors is a nationwide leading supplier of hardwood floors. They have an impressive collection in a myriad of color, look, texture, accent, and finish. They also ship nationwide.

You will not have to look elsewhere when you visit Nature Wood Floors.

Flooring Ideas for Your Minimalist Home 

Nature Wood Floors offer other flooring options that help achieve the minimalist effect. These are suitable for when you cannot install hardwood floors for some reason or the other.

  • Laminate flooring is great when you find hardwood flooring too costly. But that is not to say it looks cheap. Laminate flooring can uncannily imitate the look of hardwood, tile, and even stone. They are also the easiest to lay.
  • Vinyl flooring has some lovely options made possible by imaging technology. They are water-resistant and have textile backing to muffle noise.
  • Luxury vinyl planks and tiles imitate many materials like wood, stone, concrete, and tile. They are waterproof and give your space an industrial look.

Popular Hardwood Flooring Options for a Minimalist Home 

Most popular hardwood options for a minimalist look include those with a light coloring like white oak, maple, birch, and ash wood. These have the added advantage of being plentiful and are more affordable than exotic wood types.

Even though exotic hardwood is hard to come by, and is costlier, Nature Wood Flooring stocks such a wide range of these products that you are likely to find whatever it is you seek.

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