Oak Flooring Is Perfect For Making a Cozy Home

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Oak Flooring Is Perfect For Making a Cozy Home

When furnishing our homes, we all seek to affect a cozy, relaxing, and comfortable aura. Many different styles and materials can help you reach this standard, but one of the most influential is the kind of flooring you install. Oak flooring wholesale flooring near me can significantly help you in this endeavor. Oak flooring is naturally cozy and versatile. Nature Wood Floors, a flooring company in the United States, has put together this handy guide to take the guesswork out of oak flooring.

The Natural Beauty Of Oak Flooring 

Oak is naturally beautiful, effusing a warm, sleek, oiled look. Adding warmth and texture, oak flooring comes in many shades. This wood family includes white oak from Europe, which is among the more flexible kinds of wood, allowing for staining, fuming, chemical treatments, or burning to color it. European oak is always the right choice for any floor in your home where you desire a classic yet versatile look.

Oak Is Low-Maintenance 

When determining which wholesale flooring near me to install in your home, a more critical deciding factor can be upkeep. Oak is incredibly structurally stable, as the natural grain structure is more moisture-resistant than many other species. This means that when you install oak flooring, you are gaining both beautiful and low-maintenance flooring.

Oak Is Versatile: Go With A Whitewashed Look . . . 

One of the more calming decor styles is elegance, and the elegant look of whitewashed flooring is becoming ever more desirable in a home. The chalky look of whitewashed finishes compliments the natural oak grain, resulting in a simply calming look. This finish can provide you with that peaceful base you desire in your home.

Or Try Aged Oak 

If rustic is your cup of tea, aged oak can help you achieve this look. This engineered flooring offers even more versatility with its ability to take on even more finishes and shades. Whether you desire a caramel, smoked, or dark hue, the possibilities are nearly endless for coloring oak flooring, and any of them can contribute to a warm and cozy atmosphere for your home. 

Even though this style is human-made, there is a real-wood layer to provide you with the classic aesthetic of natural wood flooring. This style will also add a bright pop of color, opening up the space you have available. As you can see, oak flooring can add a natural look to any home, whether you prefer a modern or a rustic look. 

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