Hardwood VS Engineered: Best Floors for You

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Hardwood VS Engineered: Best Floors for You

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Wood flooring comes in two basic categories: hardwood and engineered wood. Although both are flooring products, they differ in their manufacturing process. Engineered wood flooring in Tampa is made from a combination of hardwood and man-made components, such as plywood or particleboard, which are bonded together. Solid hardwood flooring is created using solid wood pieces milled together to create the flooring planks.


What Are The Main Differences Between Engineered And Solid Hardwood Flooring Tampa?

  1. Manufacturing materials

Hardwood flooring

The difference between hardwood and engineered wood flooring is their construction and composition. Hardwood flooring is made of wood, usually cut into planks that are 3/4-inch to 1-inch thick and then glued together. 

Engineered flooring

On the other hand, Engineered hardwood floors are a combination of multiple layers of wood that are compressed and glued together then cut into boards.

  1. Cost

Engineered hardwood floors are typically less expensive than hardwood floors because they are faster to install; however, they can be sanded and refinished like real wood floors.

  1. Refinishing

Engineered hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished several times, while hardwood floors only need to be sanded and refinished once or twice before being replaced completely. Replacing them with new wooden planks will help them keep their original look and feel.

Engineered wood floors are also an excellent choice for areas or rooms that receive heavy traffic, like your dining area or living room, because it is less likely to get damaged from foot traffic than real wood flooring.

  1. Installation

Not every room can accommodate a hardwood floor. Solid hardwoods are sometimes difficult to install in homes with high ceilings or odd rooms. In certain homes, engineered wood can be installed without modifying the room's structure.

 Because engineered floors are more uniform in thickness than solid hardwood floors, most engineered floors do not require a subfloor beneath them. However, some engineered floors may have an additional layer to add durability and appearance; this extra layer should be installed over a plywood subfloor.

  1. Appearance

Hardwood has a distinctly natural look. The wood grain is often visible in different areas of each plank, and the planks can be stained in various colors. Engineered wood looks more like a composite material because it is made primarily from plywood or particleboard. It is not as textured as hardwood, and there are fewer options when it comes to color and pattern.

  1. Water Resistance

Another difference is their resistance to water damage. Hardwood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. This can cause gaps between the planks if they aren't sealed correctly, making them susceptible to water damage. Engineered flooring features a waterproof backing that makes it less likely to develop mold or mildew problems than hardwood.  

  1. Maintenance of the flooring

While both types of flooring require routine maintenance, engineered flooring is typically easier to maintain than hardwood because it's more scratch-resistant than natural hardwoods. It also has less grain variation, which makes it easier to match when you're repairing damaged areas.

Engineered wood floors are made from wood fibers and other materials, like paper and plastic. Since they don't contain natural wood, they're less sensitive to water damage and require less maintenance.

Hardwood flooring is constructed from only one type of wood species, making it more vulnerable to water damage than engineered or parquet flooring. As such, hardwood flooring requires care while cleaning and must be protected with a good water-repellent finish that is reapplied every two to three years.

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