Top 10 Hardwood Floor Trend 2021

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Top 10 Hardwood Floor Trend 2021

As technology continues to improve, manufacturers of hardwood floors continue to keep designs trendy, fascinating, and up-to-date. Are you a homeowner looking to take advantage of the timeless, stylish, warm, comfortable, and natural characteristics of hardwood flooring? We’ve presented the top 10 hardwood floor trend 2021 at Nature Wood Floors. Can’t wait? Read on to explore the best flooring trends for 2021 now!

Top 10 Hardwood Floor Trend 2021

So, what floors are in style for 2021? Examine these ten trends below:

  1. Wire Brushed Hardwood- This flooring type has a wire brush over the surface. This design adds a grainy feel that users will find more natural to walk on. Amazingly, it hides dents and scratches.
  2. Light Brown- What is the most popular hardwood floor color 2021? It’s light brown flooring! Many homeowners are switching from brown color flooring to light brown. Opting for this design will darken your floor and still hide any imperfections and scratches.
  3. Dark Harwood- This current trend blends well with many decors, and it’s perfect for traditional and rustic schemes. Interestingly, dark bamboo flooring is becoming more famous today.
  4. Fumed Wood- This involves coloring wood. You do this by placing the wood in a vat and spraying ammonia vapor on it to bring natural stains and tannins to the wood’s surface.
  5. Distressed Styles- This trend offers a rustic appearance that is better than landscape flooring or wire brushed flooring.
  6. High-Variation Styles- Do you want a floor that can give a more natural appearance? Its colors vary, but they appear like they are from similar trees.
  7. Handscraped Textures- This trend comes with an undulated and rough surface. If your home desires a rustic look, it can offer an excellent contrast when paired with modern decors.
  8. Wider Planks- It makes your space appear larger and better. It enhances the look of any type of home.
  9. Simpler Layout- Do you have a strong preference for simpler layouts? If you’ve ever wondered: “What is the popular flooring for 2021?” Here you go! It offers that clean look with little or no distractions.
  10. Herringbone Wood Floors- These patterns present your floor with a focal point and allow your room to look larger. Are you still wondering: “What is the newest trend in hardwood floors?” This is a great option!

Benefits Of Natural Hardwood

  • Easy To Care And Maintain- Regular sweeping will get rid of dirt and leave the floor looking new.
  • Increase Resale Value- Home buyers often opt for hardwood floors.
  • Compliment Any Interior Design- It naturally adapts to any design theme.
  • Last For Years- They can last for fifty years or even more!

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