2021 Wood Flooring Trends

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2021 Wood Flooring Trends

Floors are part of the foundation of the home. You don't get to renovate floors monthly as it may be expensive. That is why it's wise to choose your floors carefully to make sure they reflect your personality and style.

Wooden floors remain a classic in trendy floor ideas. More people are opting for wood flooring options, and wood manufacturers are also evolving and keeping things fresh and new. Long gone are the days when people used old-fashioned wood flooring designs. Wood manufactures are still in the game by keeping the wood types beautiful and fashionable; something Natural Wood Floors has specialized in.

Trendy floor ideas you should be aware of

Guide to the Hottest 2021 Wood Flooring Trends and Find Stylish Wood Flooring Ideas

Before selecting any wooden floor, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. They include:


  • The colors of wood

  • Warm and cool tones are currently popular

  • The type of wood

  • Popular types of wood in 2021 is Engineered wood, Cork and American Grown


  • Wood Texture

  • Naturally worn and shabby wood is becoming popular in 2021.


  • Layout & Patterns

  • 2021 is all about simple or complex patterns. 

    There are several options to choose from when it comes to wood flooring. Homeowners are willing to spend and are involved when selecting the floors. Read ahead as we get to discuss wood flooring trends.

    Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood is wood taken from old buildings and re-used. The materials are recycled to produce wood that is unique and environmentally friendly. The wood has a green look, durable and original. 

    Reclaimed wood is hard to find even though it's gaining popularity which makes it exclusive. This trend is here to stay and several decades to come.

    Engineered Wood

    Engineered hardwood is long-lasting, and its style is enticing to the eyes. The wood has a few similarities to natural wood. It is stylish and blends in with most trends.


    American Grown Wood Flooring

    The allure to get grown wood and materials locally is an enticing idea. It means supporting local manufacturers based in the USA. If this does not scream patriotic, then I don't know what will.

    The demand is there, and residents are willing to pay more if all the products are sourced locally.

    Cork Flooring

    Cork flooring is not a new trend; it has been in existence for ages. It's eco-friendly, durable, has a unique look and feel. It is strong and has retained its reputation for several years. Cork gives you that appealing and soft look which is an excellent contrast with harder lines.

    5 Trendy Floor Ideas

    1. Terracotta Tiles

    It has a beautiful look. You can get it in a variety of colors and at an affordable price.

    1. Floor Framing

    Floor framing simply means laying out your flooring in different order and directions.

    1. Concrete

    Concrete is making a comeback in 2021. You can use a low sheen and a rug to make it look and feel homely.

    1. Mid-tone Woods

    Mid-tone woods have a lovely tone that is versatile. Depending on where you put it can give you that rustic, timeless, and traditional homely feel.

    1. Engineered Wood

    Engineered hardwood has become popular due to its quality, variety of colors to choose from, and finishes.

    What Is the Popular Hardwood Floor Color in 2021

    Warm and cool tone colors are currently popular in 2021. The colors are versatile; you can pair them with any decor. The colors give that warm cozy feeling into a home. 

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    Your home floor is an investment that will last you for years to come, so how about getting the best trendy floor ideas from Nature Wood Floors today.