Top Advantages Of Villagio Flooring - Nature Wood Floors

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Top Advantages Of Villagio Flooring - Nature Wood Floors

Nature Wood floors are mastered in the building-engineered floor, especially hardwood. They provide the best piece of hardwood flooring, which ensures durability and lasting life. Unlike traditional floors of hardwood, engineered hardwood floors offer a variety of benefits to style-conscious and savvy homeowners. Do these benefits consist of width, greater stability, choice of species, and easy installation. 


What are Villagio Wood Floors?

Solid hardwood grounds are primarily made up of dried kiln lumber added to the flooring. It is then followed by various topcoats finishes applied for protection and smoothness. On the other hand, engineered hardwood grounds are composed of various types and layers of wood.

Natural wood is used for the topmost layer, and it comes in various colors, species, and textures. The bottom layer of the floor is also made from using the same natural wood. However, the middle layers of floors contain various layers of solid wood or Polywood placed in the opposite directions of the upper layer for greater durability and stability. Therefore, the engineered hardwood grounds become strong and sturdy. Thereby, it makes the floor capable of maintaining temperature level and withstanding moist fluctuation.


Advantages of Villagio Wood Floors by Nature Wood Floors

Following are some amazing benefits of villagio wood floors.


  • Less Expansion and Contraction

  • Floorboards start contracting and expanding whenever the temperature of the home goes high and low. It makes the floors cold. However, villagio wood floors are designed in such a way that they don’t contract and expand as other solid boards do. The criss-cross design of the middle layer with a protective top and bottom layer prevents most of the floor from entering, thus reducing the risk of expanding and contracting. This is why engineered floorboards are not affected by humidity, temperature, or moisture in the home. Moreover, it is specially installed in an area where solid floorboard fails to protect, for instance, in basements.


  • Installation in Any Space

  • Villagio wood floors are less sensitive to temperature, cold, heat, or most. That’s why they can be installed anywhere in the home without concerning its durability. Engineered hardwood floorboards can be integrated into bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or even on a solid surface. Changing temperature and moisture in these spaces has less effect on the floorboard.


  • Durability And Stability:

  • Villagio wood floor is highly sturdy and strong because of its versatile design and Polywood core. Engineered hardwood floorboards are designed to withstand constant movements, high pressure, and footfall movement all around the home. This makes it durable and makes them last longer, keeping the home floor stylish and protected for decades.

    However, if a hardwood floorboard ever gets stained, fades away, or loses quality over time, then it can easily be refinished and extend its lifetime. Moreover, it can also bring back its original state of quality with just a little finishing touch.


  • Ease of Installation

  • Other than solid hardwood floorboards, engineered floorboards can easily be installed over different types of surfaces. Engineered hardwoods are also placed over distinct types of concrete and wood. It can also be placed on the floor with heating systems within. Furthermore, if you want a geothermal radiant ground, then engineered hardwood floor installation over it is a perfect solution.



    Stylish and versatile homeowners have full control over all elements of home design with engineered floorboards. For instance, mahogany floors cover your simple basement, or you want a touch of hand-swan walnut in the master bedroom. With engineered hardwood flooring, you can make your dreams come true. 

    Additionally, you can design anything you want with engineered hardwood. As real wood really has the ability to be customized and can be used anywhere. Just think where you wanna have it, and it can be done. 

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