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We Offer Villagio Wood Floors- Shop Quality Hardwoods Online

Nature Wood Floors is a family owned and operated business with many years of experience and expertise in the industry of hardwood flooring. We provide a range of products at wholesale costs which include traditional solid wood, engineered, and stair parts, and we are also now offering waterproof vinyl and laminate floors. We are also able to craft custom made products for customers if they have a project requiring a certain specification or material species. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality materials at the fairest costs, all with a high level of professionalism.We are proud to offer quality hardwood floors from Villagio Wood Floors! This is one of the most popular brands that we sell. Read on to learn more about Villagio  wood floors and the benefits that they offer. If you are looking for hardwood flooring for sale anywhere in the United States, call Nature Wood Floors to find out more and order today!

Benefits Of Their Hardwood Flooring

Villagio Wood Floors is a brand that produces strong, resilient flooring that is engineered to withstand many years of use while maintaining its original appearance and unique design. Villagio products have for years been dedicated to creating products with bio-materials through an eco-friendly production process, and we at Nature Wood Floors are proud to bring you some of the highest quality products on the market. Villagio’s wide selection of engineered hardwood floors come with multiple layers of lacquer or oil finish in order to provide added protection, leveling, and a chic, beautiful aesthetic. Two of our most popular hardwood flooring for sale types are their Classic European Oak and Maple hardwood floorings. Their Classic European Oak hardwood flooring offers a modern look featuring wire-brushed surfaces with a distinctive feel, and is protected with UV Lacquer or OIl. Their Maple species offers an elegant selection for any area in your home, featuring a smooth surface with satin sheen finish and also protected with UV Lacquer for increased durability.

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Villagio engineered wood floors will behave slightly differently than solid ones, as they are easier to install and are typically more cost-effective than solid hardwood. Moreover, due to their multi-ply construction, they are generally a lot more suited to high-moisture areas or in areas where frequent temperature changes are common, making them great choices for areas which are not environmentally controlled due to below-grade installations or over-radiant heating systems. Constructed of real wood, engineered wood flooring will update the look and feel of your home while still providing more stability than solid hardwood. Even though no wood products are able to tolerate water directly laying on it, when installed correctly, the increased moisture levels over concrete don’t post a problem for Villagio engineered wood floors. This is helpful since you should never install solid hardwood floors below grade, in basements or wine cellars since they can warp and buckle easily when introduced to elevated humidity and moisture.

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Nature Wood Floors is proud to offer an array of Villagio wood floors for sale. If you are looking for hardwood flooring for sale in the United States, call Nature Wood Floors for the highest quality products and most professional services today!