Finding The Best Water Resistant Hardwood Flooring

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Finding The Best Water Resistant Hardwood Flooring

More than color needs to be considered when you're buying your new hardwood flooring. One primary consideration will be foot traffic. The more heavily used a room is, the harder the wood type you would consider buying. The next major thing to consider is the potential for exposure to water and other liquids. If you have young kids prone to spilling drinks or plan to use the flooring in an area that could become wet often, you will want to look into water resistant hardwood flooring. 

Don’t trust just anyone’s word that a product is water-resistant. The wholesale hardwood flooring experts at Nature Wood Floors want to do more than push a product on you. We try to educate our customers all across the United States about the products we sell. The article below will shed more light on water-resistant flooring and what you should look for before buying. 

Why Buy Water Resistant Hardwood Flooring

All hardwood flooring can hold up against a minimal amount of water exposure. But your flooring will quickly turn into a dried-out sponge and soak up any liquid that is allowed to sit for very long on it. Exposure to large amounts of water all at once will begin to seep into the wood quickly as well.

Unprotected flooring that has been exposed to water will quickly start to show signs of damage which include:

  • Warping
  • Swelling 
  • Bubble like areas
  • Cupping

Unfortunately, a severely damaged floor may not be salvageable and may need to be redone. 

To Go Vinyl Or Engineered

Vinyl hardwood flooring is sold in planks that contain a solid waterproof core in the middle. When locked together, the planks form a tight seal that will keep out any liquid. Vinyl hardwood flooring is resilient and tough. It can handle loads of foot traffic, making it one of the more durable flooring options. 

Available in a range of looks and styles, Nature Wood Floors can provide you vinyl wholesale hardwood flooring to match your individual design tastes.

Designed to handle high humidity environments, engineered wood flooring is constructed in layers of natural wood. The strongest quality wood is used as the top layer to provide strength and resist foot traffic abrasions.

Engineered wood flooring is great at preventing cupping caused by the effects of changing humidity levels.

Bottom Line Best

The vinyl plank flooring is the more water-resistant of the options listed. But that may not necessarily be the best product for you. You need to think about where the flooring is installed, will it be exposed to water very frequently, and what kind of foot traffic will it be handling? The answers to those questions will determine the best product for you.

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Now you know not all water resistant hardwood flooring is created equal. Your needs are what determine the best product for you. Our goal at Nature Wood Floors is to make you a satisfied customer. No matter where you are in the United States, we want you to come to us for your wholesale hardwood flooring needs! Give us a call and let us help with your flooring needs.