Choose The Right Hardwood Flooring Species For Your Space

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Choose The Right Hardwood Flooring Species For Your Space

Are you troubled when choosing the best flooring materials for your floor in the United States? You're far from alone. Many are dealing with such confusion when finding the best wholesale hardwood flooring for their home. 

There are unique factors that will help you make the right selection. At Nature Wood Floor, our goal is to help you identify these unique factors. 

Why should you consider Wholesale Hardwood Flooring?

When experts advise you to go for the best wholesale hardwood flooring, do you stop to wonder why? For one, it contributes to the beautification of your home. It improves lifespan and reduces maintenance fees. This makes the decision an essential and excellent one.

Factors To Consider when choosing hardwood flooring species


When you hear about lifestyle, what comes to your mind? Let's explain some details that will influence this answer. Do you always entertain visitors? Do you often wear shoes in your house? Are there pets in your home? How often do children come into your home? The more people that come into your home, the more quality you want the floor to carry. If you are going to have more visitors coming to your house, you need to go for harder woods. 

Species like white oak or maple woods will work for you. The wood you are selecting will be subjected to a hardness test. Go for woods with high results. They offer more resistance, which makes your floor more durable. An excellent hardwood will make your home great. 


When it comes to the price, you have a lot to ponder over. Imported woods are known to be more expensive than homegrown woods. Popular woods are cheaper, while those that are scarce cost more. 

Rosewood, maple, and ash are expensive because they are somewhat scarce. White and red oak, walnut and pine, etc., are cheaper options for you. Consider your budget and make your selection. 


Stains are unavoidable on your hardwood floors. But how does it appear when stained? Some accommodate stains easily and improve the outlook of your floor. The main factor that influences the reaction is the type of wood you are selecting. Go for those woods that will make your home look more beautiful. Appearance is essential when making your selection. 

The Golden Rule for Wood Selection

There are no golden rules when making your wood selection. It boils down to woods that make your home look beautiful. If you have other wooden items like tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc., in your home, ensure your wooden floor complements them. Even if you're mixing them, ensure the mixture looks unique, people shouldn't question your choice if you have selected the right material. Let your options stand out, and you'll love stepping into your home at all times. 

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With Nature Wood Floor, you will not have to endlessly worry about selecting the best wholesale hardwood flooring in the United States. We have the right species, and we will help you pick the best option. All you need is to contact us today and benefit from our unique services.