Wholesale Hardwood Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl

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Wholesale Hardwood Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl

Floors can provide a touch of personality to your home, and they contribute to the comforting atmosphere that makes your house feel like a home. When looking at your floors, there are factors you should consider, such as the material of the floor. There are two primary types of flooring that you may consider: hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. To help homeowners all throughout the United States with this decision, we at Nature Wood Floors have listed the benefits of both here. To see more of our services, visit our hardwood floor store’s website!

Wholesale Hardwood Flooring Benefits

There are several benefits to having wholesale hardwood flooring in your home. There is a lifetime value since it is capable of being sanded and refinished up to five times. It increases the value of your home when it's installed in the kitchen and nearby open areas, like a dining room. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also helps to retain the value of your home with its beauty and classic style. It is a highly rated material and helps to balance out the temperature of your house, capable of retaining heat in the winter and keeping cool in the summer. Lastly, hardwood just has a gorgeous look, and that look gives it the perception of being a luxurious option in floor covering. If hardwood sounds like the way to go for you, then we are a hardwood floor store with plenty of excellent options for you!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Benefits

While hardwood flooring is highly rated for its durability, luxury vinyl floor covering has the best strength. This kind of floor is perfect for a busy family with young children or pets. It's easy to keep clean, which is particularly suitable for pet owners. It requires the lowest amount of maintenance of any hard surface, and it is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and fluctuating humidity. Luxury vinyl flooring is straightforward to install, and many are designed in click lock systems that have an attached underlayment. It is also a cheaper option compared to hardwood, which makes it a better choice for families under a budget. 

Which Should You Choose?

When choosing between these two materials, you should keep in mind what sort of goals you have for your home. If you want a home with increased and durable value, then hardwood can go a long way to achieving that. Furthermore, if you love a classic, atmospheric look to your home, then hardwood is a great asset. If you need a more durable floor, either because of small children, intention to rent the house to others, or a cheaper material, then luxury vinyl may be a better fit. 

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