Florida: Vinyl, Laminate, or Hardwood

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Florida: Vinyl, Laminate, or Hardwood

Apart from the sunny weather all year round, Florida is known for its humidity and is the most humid state in the United States. The humidity level in Florida can reach up to 90% during the day. Therefore, before installing wood flooring, you should look for wood that can withstand this humidity.

At Nature Wood Floors, we are the leading wholesale wood flooring, and we know the type of wood that can work in Florida and the ones that can’t be used in this area. Choosing a wood floor that can withstand the humidity in Florida is the best way to save money. And when you choose the good quality, you will have a beautiful floor to serve you for years. These are the reasons why these three types of woods are the best to use in Florida.



Those living in Panhandle and Miami Beach deal with a lot of moisture, and vinyl flooring can be the best option for new homeowners or those seeking to remodel their homes. These kinds of floors are highly moisture-resistant. As a result, this makes them ideal for the Florida area. Additionally, the floor has an authentic top layer and can mimic any natural product, including wood.

We are a wholesale wood flooring enterprise at Nature Wood Floor, selling all types of vinyl flooring at reasonable prices. Our Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is mainly used to mimic the wood texture, which makes it durable. Not only this, it is easy to maintain and clean. Besides, these are easy to install with the help of our professionals. 



Laminate floors are synthetic and have no natural components, making them resistant to termites, which are common in Florida. They are the best wood mimic, and at our wholesale wood flooring, we sell quality laminate at very fair prices. These are designed to be ideal for Florida weather. As they are resistant to moisture so they do not expand when they come in contact with moisture. Since these floors are floating floors, they should be installed correctly. In that, there is no space between the subfloor and the laminate; that way, they will serve their purpose. In case of any moisture in the laminate floor, a HVAC system can help remove it.



Hardwood Flooring has remained the top choice among homeowners for decades, giving the classic look ideal for the Florida lifestyle. It adds luxury, room warmth, and value to your home if you want to sell the property. When using hardwood in Florida, it needs to be resealed to become water resistant. For these, you can also opt for engineered hardwood. At our wholesale wood flooring, we sell quality engineered hardwood that will give your home that class and stylish look.

The extreme weather in Florida doesn’t have to limit or ruin the wood floor you desire. With the above option and a trusted hardwood floor supplier, you can have your dream floor installed in your home.  At our hardwood floor store, we sell three types of floors to meet the need of every homeowner in Florida.


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