Wide Plank Wood Flooring & All You Need To Know

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Wide Plank Wood Flooring & All You Need To Know

One of the most elegant types of flooring is wide plank wood flooring. When wide plank flooring is put into place, it is typically one of the first things that somebody notices when walking into a room, and is a great way to catch the eye of the viewer as a focal point. It’s difficult to not miss such a beautiful floor when it spans the course of an entire room. But wide plank hardwood isn’t just great for its aesthetic purposes; it also offers a fantastic craftsmanship appeal to it as well. Wide plank flooring isn’t as common as the standard strip flooring here in the United States. You can be sure when a wide plank hardwood floor is installed in your home or business, there is a high level of dedication and craftsmanship that went into choosing, creating, installing, and finishing the door. If you’re looking for hardwood floor suppliers, call Nature Wood Floors.

What Is Wide Plank Hardwood?

First, let’s define what exactly “wide plank hardwood” is. Unlike 2 ¼” and 3 ¼” hardwood flooring, which is usually referred to as strip flooring, wide plank hardwood is typically considered 5” wide and above. The majority of professionals in the industry classify 4” as a strip floor while many homeowners find 4” to be that happy medium of a wide plank floor, while not being too wide. However, wide plank hardwood comes in planks that are a lot wider. A lot of manufacturers will mill from six to ten inches. Many can mill the flooring as wide as one to two feet. Generally for hardwood floor suppliers anything wider than five inches is usually a special order that is custom made to spec for each particular customer. If you’re looking to add something special to your home, then ordering a wide plank hardwood floor custom-milled for your home is definitely a great way to go.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood is a classic style that remains trendy. Think back to colonial America and the types of hardwood floors they had back then. They weren’t the same as the tongue and groove strip floors we use today. The planks that were used before were wide, thick planks that were cut from North America’s abundant old-growth forests. Due to the age of the trees in these forests, their diameters were massive. The heartwood (which is the wood taken from the inner portion of the tree) was extremely tight-grained, which meant that the lumber back then were harder and more durable than the relatively immature wood of the same species that is harvested today. This is why some of those old hardwood floors, dating back to the early 18h century, still are in great condition in older colonial homes today. When you choose to put in a wide plank hardwood floor in your home, it can bring in a high-end/old-world feel. Moreover, wide plank wood can make a room feel and look larger. No matter how big the space already is, the more seams that show on a floor, the busier the space will look, which makes a room actually feel smaller and cluttered. Wider planks will have much fewer seams, and leave a natural look, which allows you to appreciate the beauty of the actual wood and its graining, instead of busy lines. 

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