The Best Way To Paint Your Wood Floor!

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The Best Way To Paint Your Wood Floor!

When you walk into a hundred year home with natural building materials, and then you look at the pine floors. You’re not surprised at the amount of scars, patches, pits, and scratches. But having the nerve to offend and say “paint them!” may not make you popular. But here’s the good news, paint will hide all those marks on the floor, fill the cracks, and seal that rickety floor!

Nature Wood Floors knows what it’s like to hide scratches and pits in a cost-effective way, whether you’re in an old house or not. You can paint that wood floor, and help make it look brand new with these special tips, all across the United States.

Tools To Get Started On Your Wood Floor

The great thing about painting your floors is that you can change them with no end for your creativity! Add these styles to add design to your space.

  • If you’re going to use stencils, grab tape to make any checkerboard, stripes, designs, or geometric patterns.
  • Place a throw rug to help set spaces on your painted floor.
  • Brighten or make dark anchor spaces.
  • Save your money by bringing life back to floors yourself with refinishing touches.

In order to paint your floors, you need to have some planning. Obviously you need to move all furniture out of the area, and don’t sleep in your house until the fumes dissipate. Paint during dry weather seasons for the paint to cure, don’t paint during humidity.

For example, leaving for vacation? That’s the perfect time to paint beforehand so when you come home, it’s dry enough and the smell is gone.

What Paint To Choose?

For any best result for any floor, it’s best to go with standard oil-based floor paint, or oil-based enamel. While they may not be the best environmentally friendly, they do withstand high traffic better than any other paint on the market. Other types of paint do have better pros, less fumes, but they will not be durable.

Also, wear a respirator, despite what type of paint you choose. Get best results to keep out the dust, but don’t suffocate yourself if you need to open a window or door the whole time you’re painting.

The best way to get started:

  • is to remove the gloss from the floors with sanding. 
  • Have a clean floor before you begin, such as a damp mop.
  • Using a brush or roller, apply the first coat thinly! Let dry.
  • Now add the layer to smooth out all grain surfaces for a clean look.
  • Apply another coat.
  • Add your design or patterns if you’re going to. 
  • Seal the floor, but this is optional. 
  • Let paint cure!

Add Your Personal Touch

Nature Wood Floors knows all about the processes it takes to paint any wood floor. If you choose the right paint, oil-based enamel or standard, you’ll want any floor to hold up with high traffic. We do recommend staying safe while you paint and avoid those fumes within your home. 

Call us for any questions about painting your floors, having them installed, or if you’re unsure what type of paint you need. We have your answers with our expert technicians and staff! We service all of the United States with our quality skills and expertise.