The Ultimate Guide to Mixing And Matching Wood Flooring in Tampa

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The Ultimate Guide to Mixing And Matching Wood Flooring in Tampa

The beauty of a home also depends on the flooring designs. While everyone desires the combination of the right set of wood floors, it may be challenging to choose the best from wide varieties, especially when you do not understand the differences. Mixing and matching Wood flooring in Tampa becomes easy when customers know their choices and understand that their selection of wood floors will impact the look and feel of the home.

This article will help you with your selection among several flooring options for mixing and matching of wood floors journey for your home remodeling projects.


Wood Surface Floors

Hard surface flooring like luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Luxury Vinyl plank (VLP), hardwood, and tiles are much more popular floor installations. Such floors are solid, clean, and highly durable. As a result, they are excellent floor choices for home remodeling projects. First, however, here is what you should keep in mind when selecting a hard surface.



  • Choose lighter floor finishes. Soft color finishing gives your space an open aura that, despite being cozy, can appear free and spacious, allowing the right amount of light and transitioning well with the day's brightness.
  • Choose darker floor finishes. While some may prefer light floor finishes, others will choose the darker shades unarguably. Unlike light flooring, dark wood flooring in Tampa makes a space more intimate and personal. It gives off a bold vibe with the proper lighting and decorations.



  • Complement rather than match colors. There is always an urge to match colors, so things appear perfect. But in the case of wood floor installations, it is recommended that you compliment the designs of your homes with either a lighter or darker finish, depending on the decorations in your home. Don't think of matching your cabinets, furniture, and walls to your flooring; instead, compliment it.


Mixing and matching multiple wood floor types is not an uncommon thing. Homes with various wood types often appear to be segmented, tricking your mind into believing that one large room is divided into compartments. For example, you can choose a different wood floor for your stairs while choosing another for the floors of your living room, kitchen, and dining area. In addition, choosing different and complementary wood types will be great if you wish to divide your workspace into mini-offices. However, be sure to select the right set of color variants to avoid your home looking messy and confusing.


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