Attaching Stair Treads and Risers on Concrete

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Attaching Stair Treads and Risers on Concrete

Renovating or building a new staircase is a fantastic way to update your home, and the staircase can turn out to be a focal point of your residence. Stair treads are commonly referred to as the steps, and they are the part you step on; on the other hand, stair risers are the boards that form the vertical face of each step and build spaces between them.

At Nature Wood Floors, we are a trusted hardwood flooring wholesaler. We have worked with different homeowners across the United States of America and installed stair treads and risers for them. Even with the multiple online DIY videos, installing stair treads and risers can be hectic, so you should hire professionals like us. These steps should be followed when attaching stair treads and risers to concrete.


Measure the Length and Depth of both the Riser and Treads

Measuring the length and depth of each riser and tread can be tiring, and only a few know how to use a tape measure correctly. After measuring, you need to record each measurement which is also tiresome.

With the help of experts from Nature Wood floors, who have been doing this for years, it is an easy task for them. As a wood flooring supplier, we have worked with this before and know that we should measure the tread from the opposite edge into the stepping point. Then add the measurement to get the length of the tread. For the depth, we estimate the rear of the step run to the stinger or the concrete.


Clean the Concrete Surface

As a wood flooring supplier, we get you the best products to clean your concrete. Thoroughly clean the surface where you are attaching your riser and stair tread. This is important as it ensures the durability and adhesion of any coating.


Attach the Stair Treads and Risers

When attaching your stair tread and risers, we start from the bottom to the top of the stairs. We begin by attaching the risers for an excellent fit along the riser with the stair tread above it. With us, we match the riser and the stair tread to give the staircase a modern, uniform look. We then apply latex primer over all four sides of each piece and then let it dry. A second coat is applied, letting it dry for 24 hours, and seal it with two coats of water-based polyurethane.

We then nail one end of the stair tread with a pneumatic nailer, attach the stud finder to the longboard, and draw a screw through it into each tread for screw heads to act as nails when attaching them to the concrete. The next step is sliding and attaching them from underneath with three galvanized deck screws so that the stair tread and risers do not rattle and jiggle once installed.

Are you having your stair and risers attached to concrete? Hire professionals who use suitable materials from a trusted wood flooring supplier making the material used legit and safe.

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