How often Should You Clean Wood floors?

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How often Should You Clean Wood floors?

In the recent past, hardwood flooring has become the most sought-after flooring in some parts of the United States. It is due to its timeless beauty and durability. It is good to understand that floors are the largest surface of your home and should always be kept clean to enhance the beauty of your home.

You might need to learn about the cleaning schedule of  your wood floor. As the leading wood flooring supplier, we at  Nature wood Floors provide tips on maintaining your wood floor. Dirt and grime can’t hide on your wood floor, so we give you the following cleaning hacks. 


Weekly Cleaning

Sweeping your wood floors using suitable brooms that are not too heavy to damage the floors are the best for everyday cleaning. It ensures that your wood floors are dust free and the area is safe and secure for your loved ones and your pets.

For the weekly cleaning, we advise using a microfiber mob or cloth. Moreover, when cleaning, check you don’t lift it too high to avoid damaging the unfinished hardwood floors. We also advise you to damp mop your wood floors as this removes dirt and dust from your floor. As a result, when damp mopping, you use enough water to avoid leaving behind some residue that might be hard to remove during the drying process.


Monthly Cleaning

As a wood flooring supplier, we know the best monthly cleaning method to maintain your wood floor. It will deal with the places you don’t reach during your daily or weekly cleaning schedule. For this, we advise you to vacuum clean your house.

Vacuum cleaning helps you get into those air-tight spaces under the furniture and even behind pictures. For this, you have to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft floor nozzle that ensures no damage occurs to the floor. Check the wheels on the vacuum do not damage your unfinished hardwood floors during the cleaning process.


Using the Suitable Cleaning Agents

When cleaning your floor, we advise you to use the right cleaning agent, as using the wrong cleaning agent will damage your wood floors. Furthermore, you should be aware of the hardwood store that sells legit cleaning agents that do not harm your floor. As the leading and most trusted wood flooring supplier, we approve of using homemade cleaning agents such as water and lime. The mixture can help remove tough stains that have been a nuisance. At the same time, keep your floors as shiny as you want without damaging the wood floor. You can also add essential oils to the homemade cleaning agent to deal with the tough stains.

Wood floors are easy and cheap to clean but using the wrong techniques can cause damage to your wood floors. Your floor will always look its best with the proper technique, schedule, and tools. After you are done with your cleaning routine, you can place mats on the entryways or traffics area to manage the amount of dust that gets on your wood floor.

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