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When getting hardwood floors installed, why not go for something with a unique flair all your own? Our line of exotic hardwoods will ensure your home has an atmosphere you don't get anywhere else. The patterns and shades of these woods bring a kitchen or living room to life. They'll offer a welcoming feeling you'll only be able to get in these spaces. Since they're prefinished, you'll also be able to have them installed in no time. They're sure to last you a good number of years without maintenance, too! Check out the line of exotic floors at Nature Wood Floors in the United States and reinvent your home today. 


Types of Exotic Hardwoods 

Consider these hardwoods for your home:


  • Tigerwood: give your home a bold, exciting look with this floor of deep orange and dynamic patterns
  • Brazilian Walnut: this floor imbues a distinct, sophisticated tone to your home with its subdued, dark hue
  • Brazilian Teak: great for households with families thanks to its durability and cozy color
  • Santos Mahogany: a floor is known for its longevity also offers a wine-red splash of color to your kitchen or social space
  • Brazilian Cherry: you'll be mesmerized by the intricately-patterned Brazilian Cherry and its intense red shades 
  • European French Oak: get this flooring for a rustic feel that accommodates the sunshine of a bright spring day
  • Acacia: an accented and durable wood that adds intrigue and atmosphere
  • Amendoim: a lighter and less intense floor than the others but with enough dynamism in its colors to create a distinct feel
  • Sapele: nothing can beat the sophisticated grain of Sapele; a quality choice for a study or low-key social space
  • Wenge: the final statement in luxury, Wenge's supremely dark shade must be chosen with a lot of forethought and care


All of these woods come in various and customizable dimensions, ensuring a floor that matches your preferences.


Advantages Of Prefinished And Engineered

Finishing a wood flooring in-home is a messy and invasive process. Wood dust requires a thorough cleaning, while chemical finishes leave a smell that can last weeks after installation. With prefinished wood, installers can come and lay down the flooring with much less ado. You can rely on these surfaces for much longer without additional maintenance since the factory finishing results in more robust and more durable wood. 


Disadvantages Of PreFinished And Engineered

While you don't have to do much maintenance on these floors, the engineered build makes them last a good 20 years rather than a hundred. You won't be passing them down to your children and grandchildren since they're composed of a thin layer of the target wood on top of a thicker slab of plywood, but the investment of a couple of decades adds convenience. It makes allowances for changing life circumstances, especially since hardwood flooring raises the value of your home, no matter the kind.


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Exotic hardwoods are a great way to make a statement with the décor of your home. One relatively hassle-free installation, and you'll be transported to a space that feels new and alive. Contact Nature Wood Floors in the United States to add character to your home today.