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Prefinished wood flooring has been popular since the 1940s. It is available in various types of wood with various stain options at most retailers. There are advantages to prefinished hardwood flooring that make it stand out from traditional hardwood flooring. These are important to consider when purchasing flooring, and Nature Wood Floors, United States, has a vast collection and can help you make the right decision. 


Maintenance And Repair Of Prefinished Wood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood floors have factory applied surface seals; these are very powerful chemical sealers. They consist of UV-cured urethane coats with aluminum oxide crystals embedded in them. This surface seal is stronger and more durable than unfinished hardwood flooring, meaning maintaining these floors is less effort. Prefinished hardwood flooring is under warranty from anywhere from 5 to 25 years or more, making it even more reliable than unfinished hardwood flooring.


Design & Installation

Our prefinished hardwood floors are top-quality and treated on-site, so the quality is consistent between batches. Prefinished wood planks will have slightly rounded edges; this can be great for interior styling. There is no limitation to design when it comes to prefinished solid hardwood flooring as there are hundreds of options to choose from in regards to colors and stains. 

The installation is similar to that of unfinished hardwood; it requires tools such as a power floor nailer. Flooring material is attached to the subfloor along the edges of the planks. There is no need for sanding, staining, varnishing of the prefinished hardwood flooring. Sanding is a very messy procedure that fills the room with dust, which, no surprise here, must be cleaned. Then, to paint the finish, you have to wait in between coats to make sure it’s scorched. After which, an odor will linger in the air that can take weeks to dissipate. With prefinished floors, all of this is handled at the factory and requires no extra work from you. 


Comfort And Convenience

Our prefinished flooring offers all the advantages of natural wood. And if you find that you prefer natural wood instead of the factory-applied coat, you can sand it down to reveal the natural wood underneath. All you would need to do after that is treat the wood, so it doesn’t splinter. An example of natural wood we offer is engineered hardwood. It is made from a thin layer of solid hardwood bonded to the core of plywood. It’s easy to install, using the glue-down method, and we offer it at an affordable price.

All of the homeowners will find prefinished hardwood flooring more reliable as its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. There are hundreds of options to choose from regarding the type, color, and finish. The excellent quality prefinished hardwood floor is elegant and classy and will improve the real estate value.


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